Wednesday, March 07, 2007


this is a story i wrote when i was about 10 or 11 i think, judging by the ink pen, the fancy heading and illustration, and the judgmental tone.

i remember feeling pissed off when we weren't allowed to have guy fawkes night anymore.

i'm copying it exactly, with spelling and punctuation errors as original. note the use of american spelling conventions. something i never do these days. note also the polemic and also the way my argument becomes extremely lame at the end.


Hooligans thats what they are. Hooligans who spoil the fun of Guy Fawkes Night. They roam around the streets playing jokes on everyone. They not only act stupidly at night but in the day-time they vandalize trees in the parks and explode letter-boxes. Because of these idiots a law will be passed banning explosive bungers. Harmless little Tom Thumbs will go too. But I still think that animals can be injured and some foolish kids can be inclined too get a bit wild. So, in some ways I think it best to ban the bungars and it may be very useful.