Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's all things Game of Thrones in our house

WE are even doing a podcast. I will let you know when it's up on youtube. We are having loads of fun doing it. This season is great, I'm really enjoying it, but some characters, eg Tyrion, have stalled. It's like Mereen is the place for stalled characters.

Here is a guy we found Ozzy Man who does great catch ups:

Recent one for S6 Ep 9.

I'm also reading the following recaps:

Raven (hosted at Gothic Cheeseburger) does I think the best recaps, or the most consistently good

Mel Campbell does a recap for Junkee

I also sometimes read these two at LA Review, though I don't agree usually with everything they say

This was also a good article, interesting about how the fight sequence was planned and shot. The same guy who directed Episode 9 is directing next week's (which runs for 69 minutes. Is that an extra nine minutes? I am so excited.)

And finally, the guy who played Rickon apparently tweeted, saying #shouldhavezigzagged