Monday, December 23, 2013

Back home


These are some feather posies I made while away. We were staying on a rural property in the Strathbogie Ranges, beautiful countryside.

P is flying now, on her way back home. We texted when she got to Istanbul airport and she checked in, all smoothly. Texted again when she arrived in Dubai but plane was late and looked like she might miss her connecting flight. But all was fine. So now, she's headed back to Melbourne with 'lots of stories' she said. We spoke once on the phone while she was away, and at the beginning of her trip there were several long texts back and forth but as she settled, they dwindled to maybe one brief exchange a day, in my evening when she'd just woken up. That everything was fine, she was going to be doing this or that.

Her last few texts she said she'd be sad to leave her dad but excited to come home. She said also she was 'so glad' she went, which is fantastic because she was highly ambivalent about the trip.

In other news, it's Christmas is upon us and I'm not a person who loves Christmas. I can, and sometimes do, but often it's all wrapped up (heh) with lots of scratchy feelings. This year Clokes is having his family here and P and I are shipping off to my sister's. Last year P and I boycotted the whole thing in terms of family and stayed here, ate nice food and watched lots of episodes of whatever it was we were watching at the time. It was certainly stress-free but not really *Christmas.*

So hope everyone has a good break. I'll be back in January I hope with more to say. I'm still coughing badly, but feeling so much better. It was a nasty whatever it was, annoying.

I've got lots of things to look forward to next year, including my trip west. And hopefully big publishing stuff in addition to the two smaller things that are happening in January and April.