Monday, January 29, 2007

and the wedding countdown begins...

no, only joking.

i promise i won't bore you good people with wedding stuff, and this might be the only time i mention it, but i will think of this video if i have hair iss-ews of my own on may 26th.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

so it's like this, hombres.

i'm too busy to be blogging. things have slowed down around these here parts. i'm talking like someone out of deadwood. we've been watching it. they say fuck and cocksucker all the time. it's funny to watch a western with such language. we're up to the bit where a new operation has moved into town; wagons full of fine lookin' whores, crap tables and liquor has got the town nasty-man a bit worried.

but i've got work to do. i can't be sitting around looking at blogs, or writing posts, so i will go quiet for a while in an effort to meet my deadlines. one on jan 22 the other on jan 29.

it's not pretty.

so i hope you are all well, and only watering your gardens on the correct days. i hope none of you are wearing crocs, and that the heat we are likely to get this month is not too bad for your critters and chilluns. KEEP PUTTING THEM HATS ON, varmints.

there i go again.