Saturday, September 26, 2015

Deleted post

Hey guys, deleted previous post. But I read all your comments, thanks.

All good, just didn't want stuff up about my complaining. Thanks squib that you said you want to buy my book, you don't have to. Melbourne's weather is so beautiful today - we just came back from a REALLY long and lovely walk. Also my lavender out the back, in a pot, is flowering and it's divine. First time lavender (or any plant, really) has worked for me. Am happy. Tonight we eat spaghetti marinara, yum, and probably watch Parks & Rec. Has anybody else seen it? FUNNY. And funny is what I want at the moment. Another week of holidays which is good and then back to work, which is ok. But we took on a new person and their first invoice, they have done all sorts of stuff that is inexplicable and outside what we agreed on. So I emailed her expressing my confusion, and... nothing back. I can't stand passive-aggressive shit (if that's what it is) makes me rage. But I'm keeping calm as possible, maybe she's away on school holidays. Maybe she'll just be embarrassed that she mucked up. I can't bear conflict and it'd be me having to deal with it, not my partner cause she can't really do confrontation.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. Hope you all well and fine wherever you are in the country/world.