Monday, June 22, 2015

Long time no post

Fuck it's cold. I have been really busy with writing stuff and teaching stuff and life stuff. Haven't been able to keep up with blogging here or on my other one really. Things are MUCH better healthwise, I can't remember how much detail I went in to, but I think I mentioned 'toilet issues'? Of the constipation variety? Anyway it got worse worse worse, and I was in a lot of discomfort for like weeks, and then I caught myself thinking 'Stop the cycle' it would seem to improve then I'd slide back. Not good. Anyway I decided I was going to let my body heal, do what I could to help it. Also stopped stressing about making a decision about whether to persist with creams or to have a procedure. No hurry to decide. As it turned out, healing is happening/has happened, and I think I can avoid surgery. So that's good.

Everything else is cruising. We watched Game of Thrones. Bit disappointed with the season. Now we are watching Community and recapping old OITNB before watching the new ones. I have one more day of teaching - tomorrow - then am off for two weeks. Have lunch with my publisher on Wednesday - yay - and am deep back into my first manuscript, working on it, revising, and making it better.

So, what's your news?