Monday, March 30, 2009

bliss tuesday

CORRECTION: bliss tuesday is to be postponed. they called me last night. i have to teach a bunch of primary schoolers pe today. that's not how to pee, it's Phys.Ed. stop laughing now.
hopefully bliss tuesday will become bliss wednesday. i'll let you know.
* * *
tomorrow this is what i'm going to do:
1. for breakfast, i shall have poached eggs and coffee.
2. i will take the gigi for a 1-hour walk. i might try and run a bit. might.
3. i will start reading the jungian books mum lent me, for research for my writing.
4. i will wash and pin my hair. i have a new "hair system." more details later. this is just a quick update.
5. i will write those two letters to the bookshops. or maybe just one, to the sybers books in chapel street. the other day penny wasn't there, it was another woman. which means they have staff.
6. i will take down the recycling if clokes doesn't do it tonight.
7. i will vaccuum.
8. i will re-do my nails.
9. i will write at least 1,000 words.
10. i will not blog.
11. I WILL NOT BLOG. and this means checking blogs, or writing on my blog.
12. you have been warned. then on wednesday i will report back. you have to be the person that i'm accountable to. you have to be tough, you have to be exacting, you have to be harsh. don't take any of my shit.
13. time for dinner now. tuna mornay, vegies and rice. mmm
14. iyi ak┼čamlar.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

so maybe i've got myself a stalker?

i know i shouldn't joke, but today the doorbell rang and there on the doorstep was joe.

he had some literature for me to read. it contains information which is basically conspiracy theory stuff, and incoherently written holocaust denial-type stuff.


so, i'm an idiot for telling my neighbour exactly where i live. if i disappear, you'll know what happened. but seriously, i think he likes me.

okay. so, maybe i shouldn't have indulged him and been so friendly on the street, and i have to work out what will be the point where i let him know i don't share his ideas? i was joking with clokes that i would sleep with him for a million bucks. clokes thought that was too low, but i said no way, i would, i wouldn't even stop to think. it's funny, we might joke about it, but i see a little spark of worry in clokes' eye.

also, something weird and a bit spooky. whenever someone comes to the door, and it can be anyone, gigi is always there trying to push past me to say hello. she is so annoying like that. well, today, she didn't want a bar of joe. i felt her come and take a look from behind me, and then she went back to lie down or whatever.

she knows. she knows who he is and what his anti-semitic inclinations are.

so he told me to read the stuff, a couple of very thin news-sheets and a newsletter, it's for my "personal protection" (all sorts of stuff about banking, and political manipulations etc, particularly hard on dick cheney, and alot of stuff about gaza) and when i offered to return it when i finished - hoping to get the number of where he lives - he said to give it to a friend.

sure, spread the goodness.

when i asked him how he was coping with the grand prix planes overhead, he said "it's not loud enough!" [funny] and "it's like they want us to get used to them, for when there's the next war..." [not so funny].

i swear, this guy is pretty full on, but he's softly spoken and genteel and likeable; he has a sneaky charisma that i find myself responding to. i like his jaunty cap, it's like a baker boy, and you know what, he has the bluest eyes, and they're not old-man eyes. there's not a blood vessel, no filminess, no rheumy milkiness. very, very weird.

so that's my wrap up for sunday night. i was going to post about the things i cooked today (awesome lunchtime pasta with slut sauce (puttanesca) including truffle oil that we got in florence and which has a use-by date of tuesday; also a chicken and leek pie for dinner - also awesome; about princess returning from her weekend in sydney (she ate at icebergs, it wasn't so great she said but her dad managed to bluff his way into the private area) but i can't be bothered. i'm tired, my grammar is shite, i want to go to bed now and either read the january '09 marie clair i found in one of the rubbish bins downstairs this morning or the gathering by anne enright, which i'm really enjoying. i'm hoping it doesn't disappoint plot-wise, but gee she does write quite beautifully.

happy sunday night, dear reader.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

still talking to the universe

so while i wait for someone to tell me "yes, you can start working in our large, interesting, funky second-hand book shop next week" i thought i'd share with you an exchange i had not half an hour ago.

quick update on bookshop: i popped into syber's books, windsor, earlier today and while i didn't get anything on my list:

(the fall, camus; maru, bessie head; secret life of bees, sue monk kidd; the gathering, anne enright; the reader, schlink and the time traveller's wife by dunno)*,

i did get two books by the teacher in a course i'm doing. (no, it's not a creative writing course, it's more a write-that-fucking-novel-you've-been-bleating-about-for-years-now-go-on-i-fucking-dare-you-to-finish-it course.) i know i've been blathering about feeling over-filled with fiction and lately really digging non-fiction (eg en ce moment, a biography of virginia woolf, did you know she was sexually abused as a child? i had no idea) but some of these books were suggested as helpful for my story. anyway. back to the teacher books. i figure what better way to see if a teacher in a writing course has got the goods than read her stuff? so that will be interesting, i'll let you know.

but today's story.

up the hill a bit from me lives an old man, joe, with a european accent and tatty clothes, who is nevertheless very debonair and spry and quite the flirt. once before, he bailed me up while i was taking the gigi for a wee walk and he was heading to the sea baths. we chatted, he told me how he'd bought his apartment in the early '70s and we laughed about how cheap it was then, and how expensive now. well today, i had taken gigi around the block and as we were walking homeward, we were overtaken by a heavy-set man who was running, puffing hard, who then ran ahead and stopped to talk to an old man who was pushing a lawn-mower along the footpath, who i soon saw was joe. i could tell there was a situation and decided i would keep an eye on it, but by the time i got to the end of that road, they had crossed to the other side of the intersecting road. as i walked passed them, they'd stopped on the footpath, chubby man was beseeching joe, asking him for money ("i'm working tomorrow, i'll pay you back then") and joe was saying "no way, you're in big trouble." as gigi stopped to smell some other dog's wee a bit further down the path, joe came trundling down the hill and the other guy had walked off.

i asked joe if he was ok. he seems quite elderly, but his english is good and really, he's quite feisty. he didn't want to let me go, said a couple of times we could stand there all day chatting, and you know what, i'm not one of those people who hates getting stuck with an old person. i love them. i love listening to their stories, especially when they're like joe. these are some of the gems he imparted. i'm not sure how much truth there is, but i think i want to believe they are true.

1. he bought three properties in one of the very expensive streets running off ours (where all the houses are terrace/mansions) for 10,000 pounds 40 years ago, then sold them a couple of years ago for 2.5 mill.

2. at one stage he owned the pavillion on the foreshore, which then became the stokehouse. he said he got ripped off in that deal; never trust lawyers. or doctors - they'll try to sell you tablets even if you are well.

3. the jews run america.

4. hitler was the biggest sucker in the history of the world (repeated three times.)

5. joe tells people he's from israel, when they ask:

me: so where are you from, joe?

joe: i tell people i come from israel (laughing.)

me: (laughing) you tell people?

6. joe laughed and said he'd be in big trouble if he told the truth about where he came from, he can't tell people he's a nazi.

7. hitler got all his money from america.

8. joe came to australia in 1951 on a german boat, then ran away from it once it had docked.

now some truths about myself in this conversation:

1. as he was talking about all these properties i was thinking how much money he has and wondering if he'd help me open a bookshop. it would be small change for him.

2. he asked "can you keep a secret?" before he told me about the three houses around the corner and laughed when i laughed saying "who am i going to tell?"

3. i quite like joe, even if he is a nazi. maybe i could become his mistress. how exciting. an old, wealthy, nazi lover. i don't think i'd have to sleep with him; i could just listen to him.

4. when joe asked me to "tell him something about jews" all of a sudden it felt very dangerous, and i said "i'm careful about what i say." he said, "what for? tell me something, eva**." i said "well, you have to be careful if you criticise israel."

i swear his face lit up and he said "now you're talking!" in a very gleeful way. so i'm in. with the nazi. i won't tell him i just got an invitation to my friend's son's bar mitzvah next month, nor that my cousin is jewish, nor that i have lots of jewish friends. it might be a deal-breaker, you know, with the shop.

5. i said i had to go, and that i thought he needed to go and have a nice cup of tea after the incident with the other man. he told me he thought i was trying to get rid of him. i just laughed politely. again.

it was all terribly strange and unusual and different and should i have told him my apartment number? he said he would put something in it (some literature about government. probably conspiracy theories about the jews and america or some nonsense.)

should i be scared? i hope i don't have any nazi hunters as readers - i wouldn't want to be the one responsible for joe getting caught. he's managed so well, on the run. and he's sweet and kindly.

* i ended up going to borders and sold my soul for most of the books on the list plus two twilight books for princess. she's off to sydney tomorrow night for the weekend, so it'll be nice for her to take them with her. hopefully no bikies are on her flight/killing each other at sydney airport.

** i made this bit up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

putting it out to the universe

this is an absolutely serious post.

i want to work in a second-hand bookshop. this is something i have wanted all my adult life. what started as one of those oh yes, that would be nice fantasies has now solidified into a bloody-minded determination to achieve my goal.

i am a teacher, and have been doing some relief work around the traps. while i've enjoyed this, what i really want to do is spend my days working with books. they must be second hand though. no borders, no readings, no dymocks. you get my drift.

this is my strategy.
1. ask here if there's anyone who can help me realise my dream.
2. find all the second-hand bookshops in my area and send them a letter, probably including the above phrase putting it out to the universe. that would help, wouldn't it? we all know second-hand bookshop owners are a quirky bunch; modern-day hermits, often cranky-panted eccentrics, who nevertheless love books.
3. look for ads, but i really don't think that will work. seriously, has anyone EVER seen an ad for a sales position in a second-hand bookshop? i didn't think so.
4. ask you lovely people for help. any leads, suggestions, contacts. if you're a reader and your surname is SYBER then PLEASE CONTACT ME AND OFFER ME A JOB.
i don't want lots of money, just enough to pay for some bits and pieces. what i really want to do is buy myself some time; what this means is being able to earn a bit of money so i can do my own writing thang. which i don't know how that will turn out considering i'm not ambitious, but i am driven. another good thing about me not being ambitious is that i wont try and take the shop over, with innovations and new ways. i'm a really good shelf organiser, i like fiction and non-fiction, i'm a huge reader and i have lots of energy for books. there are other things i don't have a lot of energy for. like exercise. and smiling when i don't feel like it.

see? i'd fit right in. i've got a master degree, so i can effect that kind of superior, bookish quality that you need to have. i wear glasses too, so that helps, doesn't it? i have a big car which i don't even need to pay petrol for, and so can trawl the country-side for fabulous books to sell in the shop.


i've already got my three kids, so i won't get pregnant on you. they are all old enough to get themselves to and from school. if your shop is in st. kilda, or albert park or middle park or the cbd or windsor, the kids would be ok at home on their own if they're sick.


please meet me for an interview.

ok, now this is all wrapped up in a leaf, tied with gossamer, and decorated with a yellow (yet thistly) flower. i am releasing it onto the breeze, actually a stiffish on-shore sea wind, closing my eyes, and wish wish wishing.

Friday, March 20, 2009

friday wrap-up

it was pretty embarrassing to be on a crowded tram yesterday morning, to feed all the squandered silver coins from the money box on top of the bookcase into the ticket machine, to try to buy a daily ticket, to have all of it stuffed into the slot bar one coin, and then to get the message "machine returning money" and have it all dumped back out at me, like some fricking one-armed bandit.

but i wasn't in vegas, or even in crown. it was a tram, and it made such a noise and i could feel all the people nearby staring at me.

then i had to reach in, and grab it all back out. that seemed to take ages. those little openings are pretty small, and i haven't even got man-hands.

i decided to get a two-hour ticket then. less coins, less chance of it rejecting my money a second time. and as it turned out, a blessing because i was in and out of town within an hour.

and it was ok, it worked, phew. got my ticket.

later in the day saw me meeting my dad to see gran torino at the george. despite flinching any time he said gook or slope head, which i'm thinking was pretty much the point of him talking like that, i enjoyed it immensely, and cried in the end. it was interesting; the religious themes, the redemption themes, families, bigotry, changes in america, war. all of that really good, meaty stuff. life and death, and what do we know of them? it was also funny in a wry way. and that's the good way.

then i went and had lunch with dad, who is very eastwood'esque himself, with the way he doesn't really ever say much, and he also can make the same kind of growling/sighing sound that clint makes several times in the movie (exaggerated in this case, but think dirty harry and the way he clenches the jaw. that's my dad.)

as an aside, in the same cafe was col'n carpenter, whatever his name is, kym gyngell, and he and his ladee ordered the same focaccia me and dad did - chicken with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato. it was very nice, but col'n and dad both had trouble cutting through the bread with their knives, while me and col'n's ladee picked ours up and just ate like pigs. she was very young, much younger than him and i wondered if she were not preggers?

heh. no one is safe when i'm in the hood.

what else. oh, guitar hero. we are enjoying it. i reckon that the kids' brain synapses are being strengthened and stimulated really nicely, it will help with their school work and sport. as for mine, they're in pretty bad shape anyway i reckon, i don't think anything can help mine. but i'm sleeping like a log - fall into bed exhausted after a little guitar hero action. last night we busted clokes using his "character" on our family games, so the money we earn as a group he can then take and buy his dude jaunty fedoras and trilbies with. i said fuck that, make a family character who can earn some $'s and then we can buy her a fedora!

clokes is working on getting another guitar so we can do battles side by side.

bit of a convo on the radio this morning about jen aniston getting dumped again by john mayer. everyone seems to think he's an arsehole, and she's the good one, but srsly, look at her record, and someone has said they dated her, some dude from a band, and that she was high-maintenance, hard work.

what do you think? are you high maintenance in a relationship? i know i am. and clokes knew as well. because i told him over and over. and then i showed him just for good measure.

as for john mayer, read him on twitter. i don't think he's an arsehole necessarily. he doesn't come across as a twat, just an ordinary guy who likes his music. it's quite refreshing the personalities you can follow on twitter. there aren't heaps. the best ones are john cleese, demi moore and ashton kutcher, john mayer is ok, i'm hooked into soleil moonfrye, who is frank zappa's daughter? (pretty sure; i seem to remember her sibs have got some interesting names too - wasn't there moon unit and dweezil?) jamie oliver also tweets, and you can see he gets a bit pissed off with people asking for recipe tips - he's forever saying politely "my website has alot of recipes..."

but twitter generally doesn't have a patch on blogs. 140 characters only? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? and anyone who's not a celebrity are so boring. sorry clokes. even some of the celebs are boring. the rapper dudes i can't read; and stephen fry gets the gold star for most tweets - it's tedious. at least john cleese is funny, if irregular.

how about the earthquake, ay? i felt it this time, it rocked a bit. and the blackhawk helicopters that everyone is freaking out about. there might be more, there might not. i don't think it's a problem, but who knows.

so, TGIF is all i can say. with ali in the country (princess' dad) my life always gets a little jumpy. been ok this year so far. he's brought a girlfriend with him - she's turkish as well and so heart-stoppingly beautiful, she is gorgeous, like some flashing-eyed gypsy girl. princess is off to sydney twice in a little while, once for a weekend and once for a week. long-time readers will remember the last vigil when princess went to america - oh my god was she really only 8??? - so this time i'm so relaxed and "sure, why not" about sydney. she'll have a fab time. we've delayed her getting her braces on, because i don't want her to be away from home with a sore mouth and unable to eat and miserable on her holiday. the way ali likes to holiday, food is a huge part of it, loads of fresh fruit and seafood; she doesn't want to miss all that. so i've persuaded her to put them off.

so that's about it. i plan to do some writing for the rest of the day. stay away from the blogs. take the gigi for a walk. pop into my mum's.

happy friday to everyone, and enjoy the weekend.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


a couple of days ago i said i'd bring you some more undies, and the thing that i liked best from the golden age of couture exhibition in bendigo.

shall we do a list? i always like a good list.

1. as i mentioned, i really liked the photography, even more than the clothes if that's possible. on balance, the above was my favourite picture. it's of a model in helena rubenstein's new york apartment.

do you see what i love so much about this?

it's the sink, or the basin or the vanity unit whatever you want to call it. it's marble, it's so wide it can accommodate huge bottles of expensive scent, and it's got a steel interior.

i want that sink more than i want the dress.
the other thing that was a stand-out for me at the exhibition was a dress by a designer i'd never heard of, digby morton. unfortunately i haven't got a picture of it. the exhibition catalogue has a section of the dress (top half) but the book was sold out so i haven't got one yet, and can't even scan that much in. so my description will have to suffice. it was in the evening dress group. it was long, black, made in circa 1954. silk jersey with silk taffeta flounce and underskirt of crepe de chine. it had the most amazing draping, where a section of the dress down the side was draped and gathered across the hip so that the lines ran almost horizontally in parts, fanning out across the curve. the neck was square, with a wide strip of fabric across the bust that presented almost as a pinafore sort of style. little cap sleeves that fell so liquidly. the mannequin was wearing black gloves and it was so stunning i lost interest in the rest of the frocks, and wanted to just stand there looking at this one piece.
long-time readers of this blog will know that i'm not one of those clothes freaks, always going on about shopping, i bought this, i wear that.
this dress was the most beautiful thing i have seen possibly ever.

2. the strumpet and pink lingerie. oh my god. i checked online and the prices are a couple of hundred pounds sterling per piece. so, it's like what, 400 - 600 dollars depending on the item? who can buy this for themselves (apart from high-class hookers) or for someone else (rich, rich men with mistresses, aka high-class hookers). i don't know, but i want them, as well as the sink. here are a couple more...

hunting through the ruffles.

garden of delights

maiden's belt

lingerie with charming names. wonderful.
3. tomorrow ali arrives. life always gets a little complicated when princess' dad arrives from overseas. as the years have passed, things have gotten easier, but there is always still the potential for a rollercoaster ride. i've got my tickets and i'm waiting in the queue. i will only get on if i'm forced to.
4. yesterday i almost died. i mean literally. i was crossing back to our place, we live on a busy road. i was distracted, and was trying to get into town for this vcat thing (next discussion point on the list.) princess had texted me saying she'd forgotten her school shoes (she'd gone in sports uniform) but needed to then change into her school uniform later, including black school shoes. i half thought to let her get in trouble, that way she would learn. but she has been unwell, is already struggling with carrying all the shit she needs to take to school, and with ali looming on the horizon, i guess i wanted to help her out. i'd called her on her phone to ask what she wanted me to do (we only live 5 mins from the school). i was talking on the phone, and stepped onto our street not looking. instinctively i looked, stepped back, and suddenly there was a 4WD going past fast where i had been stepping out to. if i'd taken another step you would never have heard from me again.
it's moments like this that make me reflect. it can be a lost wallet, or a broken glass. all these things tell me to slow down. be careful. take it easy. often we can have so much on our minds, and be rushing around looking after everyone else's needs. we need a reminder to look after ourselves. i couldn't believe how close it had been; i was scared and felt very grateful to still be here.
5. the last 2 days have been in a vcat tribunal. i'm objecting to a proposed development in my street. i am really tired from playing lawyer. i got told off by the madame chair today for asking the same question four different ways, hoping for a better answer. i went red.
6. guitar hero. i got clokes guitar hero world tour for his birthday last week. it would be fair to say that i went from being disparaging and superior - what a lot of rubbish, oh well, if that's what you really want, i'll get it for you, to make you happy - to completely obsessed - oh my god, this is interesting, how good is that, how good am i, look star power, hands of FIYER, I AM A NATURAL, I'M BETTER THAN YOU, LOOK HOW I ROCK in the space of about 10 minutes.
i am a better guitarist than i am a drummer. it makes me really tired, the way the notes spin at you. is there anyone else who's played this terrific game? and perseus and inc and any other real musicians, no scoffing please. to me, this is the chance to be in a band. the only chance that most of us get. so what if it's fake, not real, plastic, fantasy. we are enjoying it.
7. another thing we are enjoying is aussie ladette to lady. i cringe at the opening credits though. those girls are so bad. SO BAD. so much so that each opening at the beginning of the show they show different and new badnesses. there's obviously such a wealth of material for them to choose from. the extent of the drinking, the bad behaviour, wild dry humping scenes in the kitchen, the dummy spits, the running away, the swearing, the parading of australian flag at the end of the hunt. final episode is next week. will it be the stripper? the out of control blonde party girl #1? the out of control formally-blonde-now-brunette party girl #2?
the mind boggles as much as mrs schrager's and mrs harwood's eyes when the girls go mad. actually mrs schrager's teeth come to the fore when she is disgusted, and mrs schrager's voice starts shrieking and HER eyes boggle. love it.
happy thursday everyone. don't get hit by a car and live each moment.
diarama coming next post. will jay ring the young melba? will she lose her virginity soon? who to? how many movies can she watch over and over on vhs on the one borrowing? what happens to sid the cat? does melba go back to study or get a proper job instead of typing an invoice now and then and doing data entry at bizarre times of the day and night? which bands will she see live? what drugs will she graduate to? what happens to her father? does he get hauled in for questioning over a murder? does she set up a darkroom? does she find love? does she move out?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh my goodness you must go

please note, male readers. you might think you're not interested in this post, as it's about clothes, fashion etc. but please do persist. read it. or if you really can't be bothered, just scroll down for some treats at the bottom. hurrrr. you won't be disappointed. double hurrrr.

yesterday we drove up to bendigo to see the golden age of couture exhibition, which has been brought out to australia from the victoria and albert museum in london.

may i say what a spiffing idea to host this show in bendigo? it's the only place in the country it will be seen, the place was heaving with fashion freaks, and lucky us got to skip the lengthy queue because my mum walks with a stick.

hooray for the disabled!

it was just us three. mum, me and princess.

let me tell you about princess and fashion. while her mama is not too sartorially challenged (i have been called the glamorous one in our family) (don't laugh those of you who have actually met me) (stop it now) (i mean it), princess has both beautiful taste and a stunning little frame, gorgeous features and inherent style. and she's only 12.

she also has a fierce intellect and terrifically generous, kind nature, but we're not talking about that.

this is something of the history of princess and clothes:

- up until about the age of 4 or 5, her hair was wild, curly and lush. i would primp it up with all manner of clips: strawberry clips, tweetie-pie clips, purple-sequinned clips. i have a photo of her at age 3 on the st kilda boardwalk with wild yellow sunglasses, green fake-fur coat, purple leggings, and major attitude. think photos of matilda ledger out and about in soho atop heath's shoulders.

- also up until the age of about 4 or 5 she would wear what i dressed her in. then it changed.

- she has been a very girly, pink-addicted person, until a few years ago, so when she was about 8 or 9, she started liking black, and green. black, of course, is an imperative in this fair city, green as anyone knows goes gorgeously with dark, mahogany hair and olive skin. she has instinctively steered clear of fluros (dead-set proof of her innate style) and ugly patterns, and colour clashes.

- she has always been a very dressy girl. even now when she is more into jeans and tops, she accessorises very seriously. she has a serious silver jewellry collection, with a few yellow gold pieces. she doesn't over accessorise although there was a time when she did.

- when she was about 7 she decided she wanted to sew a dress for her little cousin, who was then about 3. we bought some fabric at spotlight, and she hand cut and sewed a kind of pinafore. at that stage, ex-husband ali was out visiting and i'll never forget coming home one afternoon and finding the two of them, hard at work on the dress. he was sitting on the couch cross-legged, sewing in hand. our little girl had asked him to help her and there he was sewing, like a turkish tailor. this dress was worn precisely once, a photo taken, and then put up as a wall hanging in my niece's room.

- more recently, princess has been sketching beautiful designs of frocks. she really does do a good job of it. she has the mannequin shape down pat, the curve of hip, the tight-little waist. she has been asking myriad questions about fashion, and more specifically, the history of fashion. what did people wear in the 1800s? when did women wear those hoops under their dresses? when did they have their bosoms spilling out? when did they have high necks? how much money do fashion designers make? how do you become a fashion designer? how do you become a famous fashion designer? she's quite impressed by alannah hill because we see her around occasionally in her black merc. princess calls her 'esme', after a character in twilight; she does look a bit vampira with her hair and red lips. once she was behind me at the lights, eating something as she was driving. she was wearing dark gloves.

Now, as of yesterday afternoon, the questions have all been about couture. I have been struggling to answer them, but I did my best.

The reason for this going to the show and talking about clothes. And these:

this was a wedding dress princess particularly liked.

these were miniature items to show what kind of couture the average client would have.
so then all the way home in the car it was i want couture, i don't want target or jay-jays. i want to have nice clothes.
what have i started?

tomorrow i'll talk about what it was that i liked at the collection. i have a new-found love of richard avedon photography, and the confirmed belief that no-one does fashion like the designers and models of the '40s and '50s. no one. not kate moss, not sarah-jessica parker, not posh spice.
no one.
now for the reward patient male humans.
is this not the most beautiful lingerie you have ever seen? i found it while researching the other stuff. it's from strumpet and pink and i am now going to check prices.
melting and throbbing right now.
more of this tomorrow as well.

shame about the parquetry floor. do hate a parquetry floor. it offends my aesthetic for some reason. not symmetrical enough? all the lines going different ways? disturbs my brain. but the knickers, oh the knickers.
happy tuesday to you.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

going to hell? already there.

so, today sees us sitting in a catholica church, surrounded by people, the god-a-fearing, the sucked in, the scared, the sheep, the asleep, the innocent, the guilty, the mewling hoards.

and out the front, the priest, the father, the leader of the flock, the tormentor, the boogey-man, the conveyor of threats, promises, the keeper of the riches.

he who must be obeyed.

he who hands around the basket for the coin. TWICE cause once aint enough you tight-arsed congregationalists.

he who reads the book, wipes the germs from the cup, breaks the bread. in a purple robe with snappy elocution and a kind of arrogant bearing, to my atheistic mind, that is.

i sit there dressed nicely with a calm, respectful face, not grimacing externally, resisting the guffaws when i feel them surge. i stand when required, i pass the basket, i turn and shake my neighbour's hands and say "peace be with you." that much i can say with utmost sincerity.

but i don't do the amens. i don't pray. i don't bow my head and i don't cross myself. of course i don't cross myself. i'm not catholic. practising religion is an exclusive kind of activity. guaranteed there will be some non-religionist in the audience on any given weekend; do they watch with envy the lining up for the wafer and wine?

occasionally i will sing a hymn, if it's one i like.

who can deny the power of blake's fantastic jerusalem.

















And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green
And was the holy lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills
Bring me my bow of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire
Bring me my spears o'clouds unfold
Bring me my chariot of fire
I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
'Til we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land
'Til we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

how do i reconcile my love for this poem, nay my adoration of it? it includes god, it includes religious concepts.

it's easy, dear reader. god is just that, a concept. it is something i can sing of, just words, i don't have to believe. for me the beauty, the awe and the power is in the words of this glorious hymn and the music. we sang this at my secondary school, an anglican school, where religion was part of every monday morning assembly. we had the hymn books, and we sang all sort of horrible hymns. this was the one everyone loved. it was so uplifting, you could feel that sword in your hand and see the chariot of fire, and i swear recently when i bellowed it out to the bush, singing with my sister and brother-in-law on our camping trip, i had tears in my eyes. the others, clokes and the kids, i think thought it was weird. they weren't moved, they didn't get it, they didn't know it. so how could i, a non-believer be the only one in the church (quite possibly) to be moved by that hymn? oh sweet irony.

today in the church, as i had princess leaning on me, rolling her eyes and sighing about all the god stuff, i watched the people going through the motions. of course not all are. some would be genuine in their faith and for them it be a goodly thing.

i thought of perseus as i sat in the church, watching the purple-robed one. i wondered when the last time was that he was in a church, and what his approach is. i figure i am a guest there, and as always when i'm a guest in anyone's house, i try to be respectful and polite. i could imagine perseus and me ganging up on the whole congregation - grabbing the mike and trying to tell them how wrong and blind they are. the priest was talking about abraham preparing to sacrifice his son. he spelled it out, sacrifice means kill, he thought god wanted him to kill his son.

there were kids in the congregation; what did they make of this? we've just had a man throw his daughter off a bridge, and then here's this man talking about fathers killing their children? where's the sense in that? where's the sensitivity?

sitting there it seemed more than the con that i generally see it as. to see all the families and the people going through the motions, and really, a lot were, they were there out of guilt, out of family obligation, out of habit.

is that how you want to live your life?

not me.

the irony is princess has been asked to read a prayer at a year 7 school service at church next week. i think she's chuffed to have been asked, but i said to her if it's very goddy, she would be able to tell them if she felt uncomfortable reading it. that she could offer to read something else, something more about humans than make-believe. she loves the idea of vampires and witches and wizards, but she is as scornful of an omnipresent god as i am. she knows vampires and the like aren't real, so she applies the same logic to the idea of god. but she said she's ok to do the reading, and i am so proud of her; for being chosen and for doing it. she can read it and not believe it. they are just words. the school she's at would respect her wish not to read for her own reasons if she explained them. they are tolerant of diversity in religious faith and belief and active dis-belief, which i was pleased to see specifically listed in some literature they put out.

i am exhausted. by the church. by the lunch, and chatting to people and smiling and ignoring my period stomach-ache and tiredness. i did my duty and that's good. but as soon as we could, we came home to play guitar hero.

serious addiction developing.

off to the golden age of couture in bendigo tomorrow, and very excited about it too. my type of religion: art.

happy sunday to you.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

advertisement from you tube, it made me cry not quite sure why. it's beautiful.

someone in the comments said that imagine if whatever this video represents (apart from mobile phones, obvs) was able to be harnessed in some way, to stop wars. imagine soldiers putting down their guns and dancing?

yeah i know, it's a bit lennon and ono, but still, it's a nice thought on this grey day, considering recent events in pakistan.