Tuesday, April 20, 2010


the fat boy gets knocked in teh clink.

my daughter's year level contact list comes around.

all the gumba spawn have unlisted addresses, no phone numbers and just email addresses.

oh no. i lie. one family has a mobilia listed.

and i swear to god, one had an email address that includes the word "concrete."

interesting times my friends. interesting times.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

As I sit

I'm thinking about what to write. I have ground to a halt with my blog but it's only because I'm too busy doing a lot of running around with renovations, as well as work and normal family life, as well as the other writing thing. There's no news about mum; she is waiting to see how they can best do the biopsy, so it doesn't seem at all urgent or panicky or bad. We went to our healing meditation yesterday and while I'm not meditating at home during the week, it's helping me to keep calmer, be a bit nicer (though I made the small boy cry at the wedding on Sunday) and be in the present a lot more (especially while being mean to children!)

I've lifted the venetians on the windows in front of me and it's grey outside but I can see the white roses beyond the glass and I'm cosy in my grey dressing gown. The painter popped in before to get his deposit and money for paint so work on the flat is ticking along. It seems to have taken ages. They just delivered the kitchen cabinetry yesterday and the place has still got junk and rubble from the plumbers earlier. I have to do something about that today. Things like the rubble weigh heavily on my mind and bother me. The plumbers should have taken it. They've said they will, and they haven't.


* * *

Just called a junk removal place they are coming today so that is ace. Junk will be gone. Kitchen can be installed and then painter can come in next Tues and do his thing.

YAY. Feeling better now.

Have to go and pick up tiles and deliver to flat.

Oh and the Apollo Bay music festival was fab. My brother's band played, they were awesome and there was this thing called Baystock where all the bands played one number that was played at Woodstock. The quality was astouding. The guy and band who did Jo Cocker's I Get By With A Little Help from My Friends was staggeringly good. Eye-wettingly good.

We rocked out with the Fam, my mum, dad, sister and her family. My mum and dad reminisced about when they were courting and which acts they saw (Dave Brubeck, Frank Sinatra.)

My mum couldn't remember going to see Frank Sinatra.


Anyway that's all I've got time for.

Don't eat too many eggs.

Drive safely.

Don't be mean to small children.

And write, goddammit, if that's what you're trying to do.