Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

I return shame-faced to my much-neglected little plot. I have tried to post a couple of times but became frustrated by blogger not uploading pics or videos or whatever, and so have sworn and closed down the screen.

But also, I confess, I have been unfaithful to blogger and any remaining readers (all two of you?) by becoming embroiled in a couple of facebook pages, on a particular social issue. For the first time I have seen trolling, and been abused, and threatened by faceless peeps who are really very nasty. It's all winding down though, and I have just spent some minutes going through some of my old booky posts and thinking to myself 'oh it's really just so much more urbane and pleasant over here.'

So I henceforth vow to crank up the old engine and get going once more over here.

To kick-start, I have been reading as usual:

Under the Knife, Andrea Goldsmith. Am enjoying it heaps.

The Low Road, Chris Womersley (half way through this one, it's ok, don't love it like I loved Bereft, short-listed for the Miles Franklin. Hope it wins.)

The Book of Rachael, Leslie Cannold. (Half way through, it's interesting but not my usual read.)

Vampire Academy series - 6 books, as part of keeping up with Princess's reading world

How Fiction Works, James Wood

To read: 1915, Roger McxDonald (who wrote one of the other shortlisted M Franklin books, When Colts Ran. I also have that, haven't read it yet.)

Faulks on Fiction

Utopian Man, Lisa Lang

The Paris Wife, Paula McLain.

For research: Gallipoli, Les Carlyon.


My writing is going well. Have just made more revisions to MS #1. it's with an agent at the moment, who has had it for ages, but she is doing me and the person who recommended me to her a favour so I have to be patient but it's hard.

MS #2 I am writing sporadically but mainly researching/reading, thinking a lot. It's kind of formed in my mind (a new and strange experience) but I'm not rushing to get it out. Slowly slowly. It will take a long time to finish this one I think.


The family is all fine. We had a fairly awesome Good Friday yesterday and I'm thinking it needs to become a regular thing that we - have brunch all together at the table, take the dog to the park, play a boardgame all together, eat take away food (Indian last night, but could be Chinese next year) and then watch Life of Brian. Again.


Let me know your news.