Thursday, December 20, 2007

well, lookee here

we finally have internet connection after 3 weeks back. i've been through my emails, and my mind turns to all things internetty.

but really, i think i might just go and read in bed.

i promise to catch up on the trip, there is much to tell, my friends. and, yes, there are photos, 6,000 of them. for real.

i also promise a return to bad '80s journalling - it's an easy way of blogging but there is still so much fodder there.

as for us, in the here and now, we are back in groovy-town, in the good old secret life of them flat. it's nice to be back. i was just kidding myself i think when i said i liked living in the suburb named after a european car. here i can get the best bread, and coffee, and walk around the lake and see my pelicans and ducks, the gigi is spreading her love around the hood, i swear there were people lining up on acland street a couple of sundays ago to talk to me. about her. about my dog.

men check her out before they do me. or even instead of me.

heh, it's good to be back.

and there is the smell of hope in the air, things are different, a certain short-statured shit has left the office, has gone to the golf course, and things are happening, things that i had despaired of ever happening.

that feels good.

oh, and how are you?