Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy New Year

Well January is almost over, and it's 2017. I haven't posted since June 2016, so that's me, averaging out at about two posts a year.


I am overwhelmed, overloaded, and over it.
We are moving house. And as well as moving house our landlord and real estate agent are insisting on an inspection while we are packing up! What idiots. The new house is cheap but so far away from here, the kids are all unhappy and I am just doing it for Clokes. Also means we can save money and think about buying again. But really. SO FAR.

And Tr*mp. God. What the fuck is happening there? You can't turn on twitter without feeling all is lost. Facebook is better for that sort of stuff but a haven for narcissists. I am hating both at the moment.

I can't keep up with my blog here, obviously. And I struggle to keep up my author page, though do better there.

Good things:

- health. No more bottom issues, no more reflux. Am on an eating plan and it is going so well. I have energy, am losing weight. And it's sustainable.

- we have a cat and he is the joy of our lives. So strange. And poor Gigi - a bit neglected, although we are walking 20 minutes after dinner (part of the eating plan - it's 'walk back to camp' so we are taking her. It's about all she can manage.

- my second novel is being published. Big relief.

- the family is all well

- the kids are all good

- my walking is going well. Doing an hour most days a week.

- the business is going well. We doubled our invoices last year from two years before. We have taken on a new educator so that's less teaching for me I hope.

- some things in the pipeline with the writing world, ie some festival appearances etc. Am happy about that.

- I've started writing a diary again most nights. It's helpful for writing stuff down but also helpful for working things out (writing things). Maybe one day I'll get back here. I reckon if I wasn't on twitter and wasn't on facebook - both HUGE timewasters - I'd be able to post here once a week easily. And read a fuck load more books. And keep a tidier house. And do more writing.

One thing I wanted to do this year was read up on totalitarianism and all that. I bought a stack of books, so I will get to them. Want to devote a few months to informing myself. I also want to stand up and call out stuff - however and wherever. It is so wrong what's happening in the world, and my instinct is to draw in tight, and I get that's what a lot of people will do, but it's so inspiring to see people making a difference.

Are other people struggling with all this stuff? It feels like a first for me. A first time that I've been really worried about the world. Maybe my denial is wearing thing.


How are all of you?