Thursday, March 26, 2015

Budpapest and Vienna

So the above photos. Number 1 is one of the outdoor thermal spas in Budapest. We went out there in our bathers, it was snowing, it was amazing. 2. Is the lift in the building we were staying in. We had an apartment that was so cheap. It was like 29 euros a night, for the two of us. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Great location, so cheap. 3. Vienna, the Hofburg complex (I'm going on memory). There were lots of museums here, all in an old palace. 4. I'm saying it's King Neptune, but who knows. Vienna also. 5. This was the parliament building I think. Vienna. 6. Some little treasures somewhere in Vienna. We went to a tonne of museums and galleries. Vienna kind of broke us, so much walking, so much cold (though not as bad as Berlin a bit later). Our second night there saw us both in tears at dinner, vowing we would set ourselves a kinder pace. No more tears.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

London 1.0

Diana - always in our hearts

A painting I liked at The Tate

A Turner, at the Tate. I think.

For sale at the Globe Theatre.

Dickens's healthy ego, at his house.

London was cold but mostly sunny. I walked and I walked. I livedthere for a few months back in 1990 but never really explored. While it's not a place I love, city-wise, it is a place that feels familiar. I wasn'tthat impressed with the Tates, the old or new. Actually I walked into the modern and then walked out again after looking at the program. Nothing there for me. Everything was really expensive too, which makes it a tough place to enjoy in a way. But it was good to walk and learn the city a little.

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