Monday, September 26, 2005

hello world

well, september has been a pretty large month.

princess has learnt to ride a bike. i know, i know, at the age of just nine, it's a little late. but hey, we are a non-man family here, and though i can be fairly manly at times with my shedding hair in the bathroom [okay, so it's long] and the way i pat gigi [at times, very roughly affectionate in a tradesman-type of way], there aint no testosterone here, well not much. and you need testosterone to teach kids to ride bikes, and to kick a footy, or a soccer ball, don't you?

no, i'm bullshitting you.

so i persisted and i was surprised, oh me of little faith. she was simply ready, and tonight we walked around the streets, she on her bmx [it's second-hand. i will get her a malvern star when i am sure she will use it enough] and me being hauled along the footpath by the gigi.

the other big thing is PSP learnt to blow bubblegum bubbles. now, this is big too. riding a two-wheeler and blowing bubbles are coming of age-type things. you only learn how to do them once.

my baby's growing up.

she is more confident, she is walking on air. now she tells me she wants to have singing classes, and asks about 'how do you become famous, mummy?'

note that she still calls me mummy. love that.

the final momentous thing that has happened is that i have been left a pair of white loafers by someone i have never met, and who, even though he is homeless, i refuse to let rent my 'secret life of them' pad in st kilda, because i know he won't respect it. so stop asking me cotton.

but thanks for the thought. i will treasure those shoes. and i will hold you to your bequest.


BEVIS said...

Hooray! MG's back in town!

Glad to hear Princess is preparing to make a name for herself in the world of Fame & Fortune!

Sounds like the two of you have had a somewhat special month together, and that's lovely.

Great to see you blogging again ... even if it's only a brief interlude before you disappear again.

(Are you back for good or just a short respite?)

Either way, hey now!

...mj said...

Aaaah bikes. Bikes are good wholesome fun - kids these days don't get enough of that MG, I am most proud of you fro instilling such values in your princess. Here's hoping that she'll be mountain biking in no-time flat.

elaine said...

Hurrah! She's back.

It's sensible not to entrust your SLOT pad to cotton, you never know what he'd do with it. He's a good looking and unreliable rapscallion.

I'm glad that you and Princess had some special moments this past month. Next time I see a mum being pulled along by a dog and a princess blowing bubbles whilst riding her bmx I'll stop and say hi.

Clokeeeey! said...

Gee M!key exciting about a new bikey, who'd a thunk it.

Anyway, I just popped over to tell you I've tagged you for a meme, it's not exciting but could be interesting (like mine). Go to my place for the rules.

MelbourneGirl said...

hello all, thanks for dropping by. sorry i have been remiss. but i think of you all often.

won't be posting as often, but still will be around.

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