Tuesday, January 09, 2007

so it's like this, hombres.

i'm too busy to be blogging. things have slowed down around these here parts. i'm talking like someone out of deadwood. we've been watching it. they say fuck and cocksucker all the time. it's funny to watch a western with such language. we're up to the bit where a new operation has moved into town; wagons full of fine lookin' whores, crap tables and liquor has got the town nasty-man a bit worried.

but i've got work to do. i can't be sitting around looking at blogs, or writing posts, so i will go quiet for a while in an effort to meet my deadlines. one on jan 22 the other on jan 29.

it's not pretty.

so i hope you are all well, and only watering your gardens on the correct days. i hope none of you are wearing crocs, and that the heat we are likely to get this month is not too bad for your critters and chilluns. KEEP PUTTING THEM HATS ON, varmints.

there i go again.



sublime-ation said...

crocs, are they those ugly shoes everyones wearing?
NO. I would never wear them.
I am not watering my garden at all cause it's mostly dead or succulents.
See you on the flipside MG.

elaine said...

yes, sub. They are. plasticky things that have somehow taken over those plasticky birkis. and somehow also uglier...

I have a fair bit o concrete in my new garden but I have watered my pots a little (i didn't water them at all last week so they'd be lighter for the moving).

luck ship and shore with them deadlines, mg.


ps may the new year find you and your family nothing but fortune and good stuff.

Enny said...

I've seen Deadwood and got my parents onto it - a trip home is like a trip back those good ol' days, c0cksucker.

Although - I got a pair of mary jane crocs for Christmas and I love 'em!

Saskia Greta Sansom said...

Deadwood rules.

That is all. x

Anonymous said...

ANy show that says fuck and cocksucker is alrighty by me.

Good luck with the deadlines.

magical_m said...

Crocs. Bleeerrrrgggh.

Horrid things. Horrid.

You won't see me in them... no sir-eee.

On the stage-whatever-water-restriction-thingys, you'll be pleased to know that I have a funky blue watering can which gets filled up in the shower each morning and then is used to water my sadly inadequate frangipani-in-a-pot.

I like to think I'm doing my bit.

Come back soon lovely!!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately I'm moving house in 3 weeks, so I don't need to water anything, however there is a good chance in the next few days that some locals will be watering their spot-fires in the hope that they don't grow. Strangely enough, I'm actually used to not seeing the sky for the smoke after 4 weeks of this fire nonsense.

Kill them deadlines dead!

Fluffy said...

croc h8ers! the tm wears his crocs all the time. SOMETIMES, WITH SOCKS.

crocs'n'socks is teh new skool cool.

have a lite'n'easy January (as long as we're making free with the "'n'"s) and happy deadlines to you.

Dirty Dick Dodger said...

It's not really the way we speak in the west, there's a lot more cussing than is portrayed in that show.
ya yellow bellied c0cksucking whooore.

I'm not Craig said...

Congratulations on your numerous nominations for this years Blog Awards. I will be voting for you if I can figure out how to do this.

Go luck with those there things you're working on.

Chai said...

Hey c*cksucker, I think Calamity Jane is really sweet. She's actually quite pretty. I found the language really strong intially but it seems normal now.

magical_m said...

fluffy its cool for the tiny man to wear crocs (although with socks might be a tad on the wrongful fashion side). crocs look cute on tiny ones.

they just look hideous on adults.

sugar belle said...

Mr Dodger, kindly refrain from cussing at my dear ladyfriend, Melba. You really just don't know how to behave when in society, I swear my daddy knew you were a scoundrel as soon as he laid eyes on you.

And hello all you fine ladies and gentleman - come on over to Sugar's fine establishment any old time. Say you're a friend of darling Melba's and Sam, my bar tender, will give you a drink, complimentary and all.

Kate said...

I just wanted to agree that crocs are the wrongness. Even on small children. One of my nephews has a pair but it hurts me too much to find out which one it is.

Good luck with deadlines MG!

Melba said...

i'd like to say crocs are ace on the tiny man, even with socks, perhaps especially with socks, but on anyone else, wrong.

that is all.

please explain to tm, fluff, i never meant to disparage his shoes. he'll understand; we're like *this*

Dxxxx said...

I. have. a. pair.
but only the cheap kmart $12 ones.
and only to wear when i ride my bike to the beach as i thought i might lose a toe riding in havaianas.

runs away and hides

Anonymous said...

[hugs dstah]

it's ok honey, i still love you.

Anonymous said...

that was me above. for some reason i can't log in.


BEVIS said...

I just wanna say that I miss you already. Hurry up, February.

Steph said...

T'is ok. We shall wait patiently right here, until you return.
Of course i can't promise that Subby and Elaine won't trash the place, but we shall wait here none the less.

BEVIS said...

Speak for yourself, Steph.


*trashes the place on the way out*

elaine said...

hey, I'm a well behaved house guest.

It's just when I'm OUT that things just seem to happen around me. It's not my fault, swears.

*looks sweet as pie*

sublime-ation said...

me too! I even do the dishes.

Although I was gonna say 'shuduuuppppp' to MG cause she is a-teasin me.