Thursday, June 21, 2007

wedding wrap up

hello all. i'm not sure what i was waiting for. i guess we came back to earth with a bit of a thud, or i did, just with kids back to school, kids, that three of them, buzzing around and blowing every bit of the magic away.

you know, i love them, love them all, but you can't have a conversation like this with a 10 year old:

me: so, did you enjoy the wedding?

princess: [grabbing my arm] oh, yes. sorry to gush but it was absolutely the best wedding i've ever been to, the food, OH MY GOD THE FOOD, it was simply delicious and hot, all the meals were hot, the servicve was fantastic.

me: i'm glad you had a good time then-

princess: and the MUSIC, it was sooooo good. i loved your first dance, it was funny and so apt, also the last bit, where everyone was joining in, i can't wait to see the video. when do you get the photos?

me: um, i think he said a couple of weeks

princess: well, i can't wait to see them, they'll be beautiful, YOU looked beautiful

get the picture? the conversations went more like when you ask them how school was, and the answers consist of "good" and "i don't know".

but, the venues were spectacular, we got many compliments on the food, music, spectacular surroundings, celebrant, the Dress, how gorgeous the children looked, the family atmosphere and the symbolism of merging these two families.

the weather was superb - mild and summery, it was just perfect.

after leaving the reception in a swirl of dance and laughter we jumped into a car that took us back to the hotel in the city. the one with l'occitane accoutrements in the bathrooms. the one with king suites that are on a corner of the building and overlook the mcg, fitzroy gardens, over to south yarra and the domain, around up the yarra to the arts centre, crown, southbank and eureka tower. we could see out to the ocean, and to the dandenongs and the other hills to the left of the dandenongs. beautiful. we had what i wanted, a lost-in-translation type hotel experience, without the loneliness and angst. we drifted around the city, we ate at oyster, oh god you must go there. the most perfect and simple meal of freshly-shucked oysters, followed by i think a grain-fed beef sirloin on the bone, it was huge, 450g, so much meat i couldn't eat it all but i remember saying it was the best i'd ever had, and a special on the day, with mash potato and we got some sort of greens. dessert was tiramisu served from a huge copper flat pan at the table. the wine, tick. the atmosphere, tick. the service, tick.

oh and we'd started with a vodka martini at the bar.

so a perfect mini-honeymoon.

but then back to reality, and i just haven't been able to bring myself to write about it here. a bit flat i guess but i'm ok. you know when there is a big build-up to something and then it's all over just like that?

but the next thing is the trip, oh excitement much. seriously, there is so much pleasure in looking at apartments in venice on the internet and getting all jiggly and stuff with anticipation.

i've told john i will have sex with him each of the three nights we are in venice if we can get the [more expensive] apartment that i prefer, which is seriously venetian. compared to the others, which could be anywhere, like anywhere, this one is the real deal.

check it.


Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Sounds like you had a great time (I'd of preferred it if there wasn't any mention of eating meat though) and that you are going to have a great time again soon. Lucky you.

MelbourneGirl said...

hey aleks, thanks for visiting. oh well, can't please everyone can you? but yes, it was all great.

i hope you are well. i've visited your blog a couple of times in last few months to check in. will go there now.

LadyCracker said...

POst Wedding Blues won't last forever. I promise. xx LC

MelbourneGirl said...

hey lady you are still around! yay. yes it's funny. i did expect to feel a bit flat, and i have. lucky we have things to look forward to and lucky too we are all well, healthy, and basically happy.

thanks for popping by.


Chai said...

Regd kid, I thought it was just mine.
Me : How was school?
Kid : Good.
Me : Did you learn anything interesting?
Kid : Dad, you know I dont like it when you ask me questions.

And hope you get the room you want. Some (all) men will do anything for sex.

I'm not Craig said...

Sorry to hear about the post wedding blues, MG, but Ladycracker is right, they won't last forever. When you look back on all this, my guess is that you'll remember the awesomeness of your wedding, not the few weeks afterwards.

I'm also going to guess that, if my teenaged nieces are any guide, you will have very many 'OMG you looked gorgeous in that dress' type conversations with princess in the not entirely distant future.

Magical_M said...

You hold out for that seriously Venetian hotel... it looks amazing.

I'm so envious that you're going to Venice!!

Oh and I'm glad everything went well with the wedding!