Tuesday, July 24, 2007

is travis one of the best, yet simple, method actors we have ever seen?

while everyone else is playing in facebook-land, and while i take a break from some quite heavy research i'm doing regarding boys and the Arts (question one, is art seen as a girly thing to do by teenage school-boys?), i just want to take a step into all things big brother and make a few comments. and ask some questions.

2. is travis acting out a persona? did he, or someone maybe with more skill, say to themselves "well, how would it be if someone went into the house, the typical aussie bloke, like steve irwin, yeah, irwin, remember how everyone lamented his loss, as the quintessential aussie icon/hero, how would such a person fare in the house?"

[my comment to myself - it would be hard to keep up, but i'm just not convinced that he is the real deal. that much. perhaps he is exaggerating himself a bit. last night, the interview with "hansel" showed him as quite manic, really over the top, and a bit shaken. likewise when they were all on the couch after seeing the footage of them all saying who they did and didn't want to win. but back to the gretel meeting, there were a couple of times when his quick wit showed, it was almost like a comedy script, which is impossible, but still, i get the feeling he is really very clever and not the boofhead oaf that people think he is. he is getting a bit annoying, or a lot, and also some of the things i've read just now scooting about, we are not seeing a lot of the stuff he is saying, which is not very nice. i did catch one particularly edifying exchange up-late when he was talking with pride and a weird kind of casualness about the impressive size of his son's penis, which was just oogey to listen to, and also apparently he is quite focussed on sexual things, which get edited out.]

3. how much do you love zach?

[i love zach HUGELY. i think his little smiling face with the crinkly eyes is so so sweet. i love his "oh my god i don't believe it" face. it's become his trademark, there will be t-shirts i think and i want one. i want him to win, because it would be such a change to the formula, but i don't think he will.]

4. how much are you enjoying the billy aleisha thang?

[i am enjoying it hugely. i'm a sucker for some sweet loving, and it's reminding me of the marty and jess affair, which also sucked me in big time. i love the way aleisha is scared of getting hurt, she is a smart cookie, but i'm loving the way billy is being very sweet and tender with her, and trying to get her to express her feelings. i also love the way the play and have fun together.]

who to win?

in all honesty, i think travis should win. i think the money would fuck up aleisha, and billy. i don't think zach would do well with the money either, he would be taken advantage of by some smooth-talking con-man who would take it from him. but travis is older, i don't think it would change him, he would help people with it, and i have a sneaking suspicion [and this is very harsh but please don't judge me, i used to work in special ed and have an eye for it] that his son might be needing some kind of special support in the future, if not now. i'm going to hell, i just know it.

ps. the new-look neighbours. we like. i was fearful it was going to go home and away trashy and too grown up, but seems like it's family values all the way. and the baby 'roo sealed the deal for princess.


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Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

There is a classic Futurama episode where they say that all things men have ever done over the history of the world has been to impress the opposite sex. They then say "or in some cases the same sex" - which is then followed by the word drama. :)

As someone who up until recently worked in the arts, there is that feeling amongst many people that the arts isn't very "masculine". 15 years ago I would have subscribed to that belief. But things change, and the distinction between masculine and feminine isn't relevant in most facets of lie, including the arts.

If you want to have a chat about boys and the arts let me know. I may be able to point you in the direction of some people.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Oh, I forgot to say, Germaine Greer didn't laent the loss of Steve Irwin :)

MelbourneGirl said...

hey aleks. yes, i would like to contact some people re boys and the arts. it's to do with a research project i'm working on at the moment. do you know of any publications that specifically deal with this subject either in australia in education or overseas? i'm wondering whether homophobia being prevalent in many schools, esp seconday schools, and that boys and girls at school oftentimes seem to define their identities around NOT being gay, whether to then be interested in the Arts is a risky thing to do, and so they steer away from the Arts towards more "gender-safe" subjects. this would be more of an issue for boys than girls i'm guessing. i'm really just thinking aloud so don't take anything i say as concrete. thanks for your interest!

and yes, ms greer did not seem to lament the loss of steve. but i think it was more the way he died that amused her, the irony of it, rather than hating him as a person and being glad he was dead. don't you agree? i think she was also amused at the reaction in australia about his death.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Send me an email at aleks_fsu_vic at yahoo.com.au and I'll see what I can do :)

Anonymous said...

MG!!! HI!!!!!
Gosh i love Zach, I just wanna bring him home and SQUEEZE him, he's gorgeous.
I hope it's him (tho i doubt it) or Alicia. They're both so cute.

I don't think Travis is who he is playing, agreed. I guess not necessarily in a bad way.... but still... i think he is definitely bunging it on.


BEVIS said...

Re: The new-look Neighbours ...

Have you seen my post on the subject on my TV blog?

Here ya go. Don't say I never do anything for ya.