Friday, October 16, 2009

pretty exciting

Clokes has just handed me a heavy wad of papers.

There are 236 pages single sided, 1 & 1/2 spaced, in 12pt font. Not sans serif.

This is my baby. It is almost finished. It is exciting.

What next?

Do I leave it a while and then go through?

Do I start letting members of my family read it? (I have three volunteer readers; sister, mother and friend.)

What do I do?


Thoughts are moving to the next one. Oh fecund brain, it is a joy.

I suppose I should do a diarama but really, I can't be bothered.

Maybe over the weekend.



I'm not Craig said...

You should mail a copy to me immediately

jo_blue said...

Me too. :) How exciting for you.


Melba said...

Unfortunately guys it's not something I'm going to be handing around. Besides, I haven't finished it yet. Final draft perhaps. Reading through and making my corrections. I fear the second half needs quite a bit more work.

jo_blue said...

It doesn't matter, I'm just so thrilled for you, knowing you've always wanted to be a writer. I'll wait and buy ten copies of the book when it, or something else you've written, comes out.

You're awesome Melba, really awesome.