Saturday, February 27, 2010

suffering part 2

So I was talking about suffering just the other day.

Seems I might have known something was coming.

You know when you have that moment, and you think everything is good?

Well, it never lasts and I know that. We all know that. The good times (and the bad) never last.

Long-time readers will know my mother had cancer for many years. She has been free of it for the last three. She had a pet-scan on Thursday and results with oncologist on Friday and he said it looks like it's back. She called me yesterday as I was laughing in a cafe with my friend who's helping me with the renovations. We'd just high-fived at finding our plasterer (yes, he's a spunk as well, and we were hoping he was gay too, so that my friend and he could renovate together.) Then my mum called and said she was in a cafe in Chapel Street having a green tea.

Why did she mention the green tea? I know now, but when she said it, right at the beginning after she'd said It's mum, I knew. Mum has been back drinking coffee the last three years, so her saying that was a little, gentle nudge to my brain, that it was not good news.

For me, us, the adults in the family, it's like well, we just giddy on up and get back in that there saddle.We had seven years of some hard riding, over rough terrain, getting shot at by injuns, our wagon-tops burning from their fiery arrows, rushing through ravines with even rogue cavalry men taking aim. We kept on riding and we made it through, and in such style.

I'm dreading having to tell my Princess, who is also her Granny's Princess-to-the-power-of-2 of this latest change.

It's change that gets us. Change we don't like.

Sorry to be such a downer but I don't want to talk about this to the friends I see face to face. I had seven years of How's your mum? and it all being about My Mother's Cancer. It sounds harsh but she would understand. I will tell her, I'm going to play it all down, not talk about it and we'll just deal with it ourselves.

And in good news:

Taking Ali and his unbelievably gorgeous girlfriend to the airport for their flight outta here today. So that's one thing off my plate. One thing off, ten on?

Wish me luck for the drive to the airport. Long-time readers again will know that it's been problematic in the past, having Ali in town, and even driving him to the airport. Even picking him up.

Fun and games.

But this time has been pretty smoove. Thank Fuck.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Oh crap :( Thinking of you and Princess.

jo_blue said...

Hugs to you and your mum Melba.

I'm not Craig said...

So sorry to hear this, dear friend.

My thoughts are with you, and your mum, and of course your lovely Princess and the whole family.

It's odd, I had this very strong instinct telling me to ring you today , before I read this, even though we almost never communicate with each other by phone. I should have listened to it, and I'm sorry I didn't.

Its too late at night to call you now, but ring me any time if you want to.

[Hugs] [Lots of them]

Anonymous said...

Ola, what's up amigos? :)
Hope to get some help from you if I will have some quesitons.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Pomgirl said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, MG. Thinking of you and your family x

magical_m said...

That sucks. Big time. My mum's been through cancer three times in the last 20 years and every time she's even a little bit under the weather I worry that it's returned, so I know how shitty it must be for you.

Sending big hugs and positive thoughts your family's way.


Pepsi said...

Bummer, just when things get a little settled they go a bit pear shaped again.

My life is a big pear.

I hope its a positive outcome :-)

Melba said...

Thanks everyone, especially dear INC who texted me with support.

I'm fine, really, and mum is fine as well. It's a shock but not really in a way, and luckily it's a "good type of cancer" - one that responds well to treatment. BUT she has had a lot of treatment.

We don't know yet what we're dealing with but are keeping upbeat. Haven't told the kids yet, I haven't told anyone at work, nor my friends. Went and saw Up in the Air tonight and was falling asleep. I am seriously tired people.

And Pepsi hope you are ok. I was thinking just this morning that you get a little settled, a little smug about how wonderful life is, and then WHAMMO.

I'm also sorry dad had to read this news here. He's away at the moment but heading home.

squib said...

Hope things get back to good soon, Melba

Leilani said...

Cancer is one ginormous prick. It robbed me of my mum 18 months ago - and it was tough. Still is. I hope your mum's treatment goes well and you can stay strong for her, even though that's really hard. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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Melba said...

Leilani, just read your comment. It's a bitch. It really is. And it is hard to stay strong, but especially when you've done that for 7 years, had three good ones (blessed, oh blessed) and then it comes back. It's kind of like "meh" and "shit!" mixed together. Difficult to summon the old fighting spirit. I can see how it beats people. I'm not even the one who's got it and I'm about done.