Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday update

The flat is almost finished, but I was told on Thursday that the gas heater was not compliant. So I ran around Friday working out a solution which involves pulling out that heater tomorrow and creating an open fireplace (nice) and installing three of those slimline electric wall-mounted heating panels.

Bloody hell.

The current heater is a fake gas log fire one which I had installed about 8 years ago, and it's always worked fine but two plumbers have told me that heaters like that need appropriate ventilation, which would have been too costly and difficult to put in, not to mention fucking ugly.

While at the heater shop, I was approached by someone from Channel 7 Today Tonight with questions about the heaters I was buying. The conversation went like this:

Pretty girl: Hi. [self introduction] I can see you're buying some of the heaters we are doing a story on. Can I ask why you chose those ones?
Me: Um. They look nice. They are streamlined and a nice clean line.
PG: So did efficiency come into it?
Me: Oh I think on the website it said that they are okay for all that, but really, it was how they looked.
PG: Would you be prepared to say that on camera?
Me: Oh no. I'd be too shy plus I've got two sick kids at home, I haven't got time.
PG: [big smile]. Oh okay. [Backs off.]
It hadn't really sunk in what the show was, and I didn't click until I was walking out of the door why they were even there. I hate Today Tonight and all those shows with a passion, and all the people who watch them too. I'm so glad I didn't say yes, and I'm so glad I didn't have my mug on a story about two gassed boys. It would have been embarrassing and horrible.
I found out yesterday that not everyone in my family supports me and my writing. I found out why one of my close family members doesn't ask "how it's all going", or say anything like "hey, you've written a book [insert any number of appropriate sentiments here.]"
I am not flashy with my writing. I don't talk about it with everyone, and until about a year ago I didn't talk about it with anyone. I'm not one of those bores who sits there at lunch, dinner parties, wherever going on and on about me and my writing. I am one of the people who are usually sitting opposite such a person, smiling and nodding politely.
BUT I have supported this particular person doggedly through the years, through many creative/adacemic/sporting/entrepreneurial/business activities. I feel disappointed and hurt that I am not getting a skerrick of support or interest back. And I said so. (Also, btw, I have not received any questions/comments/interest about the renovation either.)
I was told that because it's creative and personal and mine, this person feels a lack of necessity to support me or show interest (!) and that anyway, I have lots of people interested (mum, dad, sister) (!) and it's better than faking interest (!) and besides (Oh, now I'll tell you the real reason, but just because you're pushing me): "I think you should be working instead of spending time writing a book. And looking after your kids and family."
What did it take for me not to smash this person in the nose? To be all very "large" about it and even give a kiss and rub an arm as if to say "no hard feelings?"
Because I felt sorry for him. I really did.
Because to live a life without creativity is sad I think. And I feel lucky, inspired, and (damn it all) touched by that wanky old muse.
And besides, I do work, I'm contributing, I'm cooking, my kids aren't smoking dope and having all sorts of unsafe, skanky sex, stealing money, in trouble with the cops, running away from home, refusing to go to school like some, being assessed by community services.
We sit and watch Masterchef. We watch Modern Family. We have deep and meaningful conversations in the car on the way to Family Night about condoms and what is the Pill?
I am seeing this person turn into a cranky old man.
And that's sad.
Time now for some eggs and coffee. Happy Sunday everyone. Diaries next week, I promise.


BookMoth said...

Writing is work. Bloody hard work. And when you're published one day you'll have the moolah (even if it ain't much) to prove it! Stuff him.

magical_m said...

I agree. Writing is bloody hard work.

I would've punched them in the nose.

How sad not to have any creativity in your life. What's the point if there's no creativity? I don't get it.

Anyway. Happy Sunday to you, you wonderful creative thing!


jo_blue said...

This person obviously doesn't know what life is really about. You go girl!


squib said...

Today Tonight! How TACKY!!! Lucky escape

I get exactly those attitudes from many people including people very near and dear. And I know these people will not show the slightest interest until I have a whole book with my name on it. Occasional pieces in literary journals just don't cut it and yeah, why am I wasting my time sort of thing. It's hard enough without being surrounded by Doubting Thomases

sublime-ation said...

Writing is work, trust me. And I hope you take the opportunity to turn into one of us bores. It's fun & well-deserved.