Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back home. Oh yeah.

The trip back was long but okay. The jet lag is crap. The weather is crap too. Why oh why.

Work is okay, good to see the folks there. Good to see the fam here as well.

But the weather. Oh crap.

Which is why I'm prolly feeling a tad flat.

The only thing to do is...

... plan the next trip.


phoenixmummy said...

Welcome back and look after yourself.


suze2000 said...

Welcome home, isn't the weather shit? We had a good weekend of weather just gone, but it's crap again now. *sigh*

The food safety nazi in me is cringing at your kebab photo. :)

Gill Stannard said...

Loved the pics on FB, wanted to dive into that pool. Summer's coming. All will be well.

Melba said...

He cleaned it out suze. Don't worry! Kismet takes care of all things gastrointestinal.

We all survived the kebabs.

Pepsi said...

Welcome back.

They look delicous - theres a place in Petersham that serves them like that but verticalon the plate (??)

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