Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

I return shame-faced to my much-neglected little plot. I have tried to post a couple of times but became frustrated by blogger not uploading pics or videos or whatever, and so have sworn and closed down the screen.

But also, I confess, I have been unfaithful to blogger and any remaining readers (all two of you?) by becoming embroiled in a couple of facebook pages, on a particular social issue. For the first time I have seen trolling, and been abused, and threatened by faceless peeps who are really very nasty. It's all winding down though, and I have just spent some minutes going through some of my old booky posts and thinking to myself 'oh it's really just so much more urbane and pleasant over here.'

So I henceforth vow to crank up the old engine and get going once more over here.

To kick-start, I have been reading as usual:

Under the Knife, Andrea Goldsmith. Am enjoying it heaps.

The Low Road, Chris Womersley (half way through this one, it's ok, don't love it like I loved Bereft, short-listed for the Miles Franklin. Hope it wins.)

The Book of Rachael, Leslie Cannold. (Half way through, it's interesting but not my usual read.)

Vampire Academy series - 6 books, as part of keeping up with Princess's reading world

How Fiction Works, James Wood

To read: 1915, Roger McxDonald (who wrote one of the other shortlisted M Franklin books, When Colts Ran. I also have that, haven't read it yet.)

Faulks on Fiction

Utopian Man, Lisa Lang

The Paris Wife, Paula McLain.

For research: Gallipoli, Les Carlyon.


My writing is going well. Have just made more revisions to MS #1. it's with an agent at the moment, who has had it for ages, but she is doing me and the person who recommended me to her a favour so I have to be patient but it's hard.

MS #2 I am writing sporadically but mainly researching/reading, thinking a lot. It's kind of formed in my mind (a new and strange experience) but I'm not rushing to get it out. Slowly slowly. It will take a long time to finish this one I think.


The family is all fine. We had a fairly awesome Good Friday yesterday and I'm thinking it needs to become a regular thing that we - have brunch all together at the table, take the dog to the park, play a boardgame all together, eat take away food (Indian last night, but could be Chinese next year) and then watch Life of Brian. Again.


Let me know your news.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Melba. Glad you're having a good one. Being the depressing spinster that I am, I'm spending the long weekend with the folks. I've just tucked them in and told them a story and they're snoring their blessed little hearts out. They're so cute when they're asleep, eh?

Pardon my ignorance, but I haven't been reading here that long -- do you write fiction? Is that what MS #1 & MS #2 are?

And I don't want to be a busy-body, but I am curious to know what the social issue was that was causing the kerfuffle over on BookFace.

Another Outspoken Female said...


Am living in the house of pesky infections, while across the water my mother enters a nursing home. Can't be there til pesky infections are over. Big sign on the facility stating people with colds and the like will not be welcome.

The cycle of life has been most frustrating of late.

jo_blue said...

Happy Easter from us all Melba. We're just chugging along, same as always. Making slushies today to try and combat the effects of the incredibly hot weather that has engulfed us.

Was wondering how the manuscript #1 was coming along and so pleased that there's a #2. Best of luck with both.

And yes, I'm curious too about the social issue you mention. There's some nasty people out there so be careful.

Hugs. xo

suze2000 said...

Hello there, I'm still out here watching. I don't post much at all, so I'm always tolerant of bloggers' long absences from their blogs.

For myself, I'm getting ready to head to WA again to finally put my father's house on the market. It's going to be hard, but has to be done, despite my sister's protestations. (she can't afford to buy my half of the house, I can't afford - emotionally more than monetarily - to share ownership with her so she can live in it)

I'd like to third the curiosity about your FB hassle. I've had to learn to be circumspect online because people can be vicious.

eat my shorts said...

Happy Easter, Melba!

I've been oh, yunno, just hanging around. Doin' stuff.

I'm about to write a post about my senior-cits inspired long weekend.

I might eat some chocolate later.

That's pretty much it! :)

Melba said...

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking in.

To answer the questions about the facebook thing, it's the 'St Kilda Schoolgirl' I've been embroiled in. I'm careful, I use my Melba ID not my real name but still, it's been interesting and dragged on far too long.

Yes Alex, writing fiction. Love it. It's been something I've dabbled in for many many year, but only got some momentum in the last 3 (to actually finish something!)

It seems like some of us have some family stuff going on. It's hard isn't it? Not just parents getting older, but also sibling stuff that you would think *might* settle once everyone got mature and stuff, but no. Not in our family.


Anonymous said...

Yes Alex, writing fiction.

Neat. Have you ever posted any here? Or elsewhere? Are you ever likely to?

Melba said...

Nah don't post it here, or anywhere else. And not likely to either. Cause that's publishing and I want to get it published *for real.*

But if I get to 80 and nothing's happened, I'll put it online for you Alex.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Melba.

That's, like, only a few years away, right?

Melba said...

Heh, that's right Alex.

Anonymous said...

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