Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just for Alex

Josh Brooks, aka Head Phone Boy. You can't see it but he always, always had a pair of headphones around his neck. Except for once, when he got knocked out of the competition by Johnny 'You Can't Sing' Ruffo (see below.) HP Boy's audition was awesome and I said: he's going to win.

Ruffo. Who had the audacity to ask Beyonce whether it was more important to focus on your dancing, your singing or both. Der. She graciously told him never compromise the singing. Not a problem for him, because he can't sing. How guy picked this dude over Josh I just don't know.

Nut man aka the nut salesman. He has a name and he has a fine voice and at every opportunity someone manages to say 'he doesn't look like a typical pop star but...'

He won't win. But going on my predictions maybe he should start practising his acceptance speech?

This is Hug Man. He is the 'host' or 'compere' or 'man who stands off stage and whose job is to give people hugs.' I bet it was in the job description: must be okay, even gleeful, about receiving full-body-contact with range of people.

Next post: The Freaks and Guy's Mr Bean Eyebrows.


Alex said...

Ah, thank you muchly. Now this takes me back. Looks good (except for the formatting, of course; but hopefully we'll have that fixed soon enough).

NUT MAN even reminds me a bit of old Harold from the Neighbours recaps.

Melbourne Girl said...

That's what I thought, I actually called him Harold Nut Man for the first few eps then abbreviated to Nut Man.

eat my shorts said...

I'd give Hug Man a full body hug.

Just sayin'.