Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lilley is coming...

New-look ABC revives Specks, Lilley

This is the headline The Age has online for this news item. I'm happy to read today that Chris Lilley has a new project and that a 'new-look' ABC will be hosting it. Sometime. Soon, I hope. But the headline in The Age might have Lilley lodging a complaint because it seems to suggest that Angry Boys was not a success and that Lilley needs resuscitation.

I don't think Lilley needs reviving. To me, Angry Boys was genius partly because lots of people didn't seem to get and it were made uncomfortable by what they perceived as the content rather than being aware that their discomfort was because they couldn't get the satire and the rationale behind doing it the way he did. People wanted more of Summer Heights High but really, while I loved that and thought that brilliant as well, he had to do something else, something different, something more.

I'm a definite Chris Lilley fangirl, for sure.

If people don't get something, that's their own, um, I want to say stupidity, but I will say lack, rather than the problem of the creator.


The second complaint of the day is the letter send by one Julia Gillard to the Fairfax chief. I love it, the way she lays out very clearly what happened. Again. This is not for the benefit of dullard journos, oh no. Nor is it for the education of opposition politicians. They all know what's what, that's for sure, but they aren't letting truth get in the way of what Gillard's describes is a witch-hunt. No, the letter is for the people, the voters, so they can see that Gillard  has nothing to hide and did nothing wrong.

It's just a matter of her hanging in there, I think, for another couple of days.

And how about the Libs getting Julie Bishop to do all their dirty work this week, because you know 'if we get a woman to do it, then no one can call us misogynists.'

Do they really think we are that stupid?*

Took me a while to choose a picture. There are too many good ones.

* Yes.


sarah toa said...

It's a cracker of a picture.

suze2000 said...

Can't believe the libs still think we are that stupid. But then, close members of my family are stupid enough to think Rabbit will be better at the job. His two year tantrum is getting old and I cannot wait until his party wakes up and kicks him out. Most liberals in this country would consider voting for M. Turnbull, why can't the Liberal party see that? (not sure where I would put my vote were it to be Mal vs Julia, I know where I would if it was Mal vs Kevin)

Melba said...

Hi Suze, I would never vote Liberal however would like to see Malcolm as Leader of Opposition and would be rather indifferent to him as PM whereas with Abbott I would be quite angst-filled and have to withdraw from watching/reading/discussing any politics for the duration I think to stop my head from exploding.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I saw any "Angry Boys", but I definitely saw some "We Can Be Heroes" and "Summer Heights High". I don't remember much about either of them, except that I found them exasperatingly unfunny.

I think I'm pretty comfortable admitting that I lack whatever it takes to get Chris Lilley's genius.

And what's this fuckin' "new look ABC" thing about? Are they finally going to put some proper news on the news channel or something?*

*Ha, ha, ha! I know, I know, I kid.

Yes, I did notice Bishop's new role. I've been wondering for ages why they kept her on as deputy, under three different leaders, when she seems to bring so little to the table. Of course, if they wanted brazen nastiness, the question is why they didn't just go with Mirabella (she's called Gillard a man-hater and openly ridiculed her childlessness before, I'm pretty sure). Mmm, Abbott and Mirabella, how's that for a team when you're talking about political angst?

Oh, and yes, I do think the Libs think we're that stupid. And saddly, I think they're probably right. Collectively, we probably are that stupid.

I would preference Libs ahead of ALP if I ever thought the ALP had shifted so far to the right that they were worse; or even if I thought my local ALP candidate was particularly bad or the Lib candidate was particularly good. Usually, I tend to give top spots to independents and small parties. For the most part, I've been reasonably satisfied with the way they've acted over the last couple of years with the hung parliament and all. ... With the exception of Katter. ... Sometimes (It's complicated).

Melba said...

Really Alex? I'd donkey vote before preferencing Libs. Never have swung, never will. (Unless you count swinging between Greens and ALP as swinging...)

Melba said...

Really Alex? I'd donkey vote before preferencing Libs. Never have swung, never will. (Unless you count swinging between Greens and ALP as swinging...)

Melba said...

I hate double comments. I don't know why it happens, it's not an emphatic device.