Monday, December 16, 2013

Gone fishing

Back at the end of the week chickens. Stay safe.


squib said...

Melbs, when you say gone fishing are you in fact fishing? As in the catching of fish?

Anonymous said...

Heya Squib, how's things been in your part o' the world?

If you go over the last couple of posts, I think Melbs is on a trip with her mum to visit her God-mum.

Of course, they could very well all be out catching fish.

Melbs, I had to replenish VitD the other day, and I noticed there were no gel capsules, only powdery tablets. Given what I've read about the VitD preparation process, I can't see how the tablets would be as good (happy to be wrong). Is this the same where you are?

And is Blogger telling anyone else they're posting too many comments? I think I've posted two this week.

squib said...

Not very good, Alex. Someone cut our security lamp wires and stole the cast iron gutters off the house we are renovating. So we are now going away for chrissy stressed about them coming back while we are away

how's things with you?

Anonymous said...

That's awful Squib.

... and ...

... weird.

Is gutter-theft a big problem over there? Is it something to do with the value of metals?

How are the renovations going apart from that?

Things are busy here. And getting busy. Going bush for a week over Christmas. Back around New-Year's.

Anonymous said...

That should say "getting busier". See, even too busy for correct adverbs.

Oh, and merry Christmas. I hope you have fun on your trip anyway. Where are you going?

Melba said...


Good to see you squibby but bad to read about the gutter theft at your place. Some people.

Yes I went away Monday and got back yesterday, a little country Vic tour it was great. No fishing. Swam in weirs, watched full moons rise, rode out a storm on a verandah, collected eggs from chooks, fed horses and calves and sheep, saw some wagyu beef up close, listened to the birds. Oh, the birds. Did a little bit of writing and lots of reading. Great time to go away, I feel ready to face Christmarse.

Hope you have a good time away Alex. I love this idea of going bush. I think I was born in the wrong place. I am a woman of the land is how I feel and getting out into nature is amazing. So good for the soul/spirit/whatever you might call it. The inside bits, the part where you feel your happy.

P is going well. Ali is teaching her to drive so she can come back and cope with the roads here certainly, after dealing with all the chickens, goats and dogs over there. She's had a quiet time, no dramas that I know of, and she flies out of Istanbul Sunday night, and not too soon cause they are sacking the police chiefs and there's a big bribery scandal going on in the government and in the old days there would be a military coup but I think the government changed the law to stop that. So hopefully no coup on its way or not before Sunday anyway. She's flying up to Istanbul herself and then getting from domestic to international and checking herself into her flight. Kind of big stuff but I know she's going to want to travel a lot so it's all good practice.

squib said...

Alex, I think cast iron not worth that much as scrap, probably nicked to resell as gutters rather than scrap. Renovations a great big pain in the arse. Went to Manchester for Chrissy and that was mostly crap too. Happy New year!