Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Thought it was time for a new post

But I have nothing. Seriously nothing.

I taught all day today so am knackered. It's windy again and it seems to be blowing the internet somehow. I cut my hair, oh wait, I already said that. Princess got a prefect position for next year, so that's pretty good. Um, Gigi is fine. I'm reading Eat Pray Love which is hilarious cause I bagged it when my sister was reading it in Bali two years ago, or not bagged it, poo-pooed it and rolled my eyes.

You know what, it's pretty good.

I bought for two bucks recently at Savers, along with a whole bunch of other two-buck, three-buck, four-buck books. All in good nick, all (apart from that one) books I wanted for my shelves. I watched Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk earlier this year - I don't know if she's done more than one or just one - it was really good actually, I was impressed. For some reason I expected her to be a bit of fluff but she's really not. The only thing with Eat Pray is the god stuff, I just can't come at it, but the rest is good. Apparently her next book is pretty good and I intend to buy it too. Apparently it shows she can write. I reckon already it was clear with EPL. Just a shame, maybe, that the movie turned it into something else? I know Ubud has been ruined by it, people say.

That's about it.


Melba said...

It was the bit about Eat Pray Love wasn't it?

Well, I'm up to page 300 and it's starting to seem pretty naff. Plus she's just gotten up in the middle of the night - horny - and fried a pound of potatoes in butter and eaten the lot.

I can't believe she just didn't have a wank, plus it was a better scene in Heartburn (except it was mashed potato and much more lyrical.)

But I am getting quite a bit out of it, apart from that particular guffaw moment.

sarah toa said...

I haven't read the book but saw EG's TED talk. Wasn't it brilliant? Loved it. I quite liked her physical presence as well. Very energetic.

Melba said...

Haha it's funny, I got up out of bed to leave the comment above, and then went back, kept reading that page, and she did have a wank. So I kind of take that back.

Yes the TED talk is brilliant, especially the bit about the poet. She has a good presence, I'm going to buy and read her new novel coming out, I hear it's 'quite good' but you never know...

There's a lot in the book I just finished about meditation and buddhism and I enjoyed reading about all that, about the ashram, also about Italy and the culture there, also the Balinese culture. The love story part of it was quite nausea-making.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this person, the book, the film, etc, so ...

Three questions:

1) A pound of spuds is, like, 450g, right? If you're eating that directly after a meal, yeah, it seems a bit much; but if tea was, like, 8hrs ago, is it really that unreasonable?

2) I've always used "frig" as the female equivalent of "wank". When I was young, a wank was something you gave a bloke you fancied. Is this a regional thing?

3) Is your dog's name pronounced "gee-gee" ("or zhee-zhee") like the french escort, or "gidgee" like the tree? Something else?

squib said...

I didn't know Eat Pray Love was a book but then I thought Miley Cyrus was a guy until recently

How many medium spuds in 450g, Alex? If you can clarify this then I can work out whether a pound of spuds fry-up is reasonable or not

Anonymous said...

'bout three, I reckon, Squib.

squib said...

3 is on the high side of reasonable

Anonymous said...

Really? No wonder I wound up so fat, back in the day.

Melba said...

Yeah I don't know why I said wank Alex. I probably usually use the word 'masturbate' which is so freaking 'sex ed'. I think wank can be used to give a hand job to someone else, and also for guys masturbating.

I wasn't commenting on the amount of potatoes, not really. More that it was done better in another book; mashed is the best comfort food with lots of butter.

You thought Miley Cyrus was a guy squib? That might be her father, also a singer dude I think: Billy Ray Cyrus. I don't know what the fuss is about her, people should just not care and it'll go away. She's just being a teenager.

Um I don't know a tree type of gidgee, so that doesn't help. The name is just "GG", as in Gorgeous Girl, using the initials. So Gigi not French-style, just GG (or "Gee Gee" as you said.) Oui.

Melba said...

Hey Alex, like your Alex pic. Very good.

Anonymous said...

I like "wank" & "frig". Was just curious as to whether other people used them interchangeably, as they seem very different in my mind.

Gidgee is a type of scrub that's common in QLD and down around the area where the QLD/NSW/NT/SA borders meet. It's a type of Acacia, I think (I'm not brilliant with botany) like Mulga & Brigalow.

I'm only sort of vaguely aware of the Miley Cyrus thing. The part of the kerfuffle that I'm sort of interested in is the "America loosens up about sex & nudity in entertainment" vs "If you're a female entertainer, you'd better be stripping off or selling sex appeal (but not if you're a bloke)" debate. It's something I sort of touched on in the OITNB discussion. In the Miley case, it works out as "To what degree is she doing her own thing?" vs "To what degree have we built a system that encourages young girls to seek attention by doing those things?"

I'd like to keep the Alex avatar, but I just read that the Lib govt plan to challenge ACT's legalising of same-sex marriage. I feel the need to vent more Abbott hate. Maybe I can hold off a couple more weeks.

magical_m said...


God that was an awesome book. And movie. I bloody MISS Nora Ephron. A lot of people diss her stuff as fluff, but I loved her work.

Anyway. I read EPL and enjoyed it, but wasn't bowled over by it. It reminded me a bit of when I first read Bridget Jones' Diary (I was two months into an African trek and we only had about five English language books between four of us)... I was amused and related to some degree, but wasn't "OMG, AMAZING, BEST EVER" as all the reviews had led me to believe I would be. Anyhoo... we shall discuss this and more over coffee.


magical_m said...

OMG - I'm listening to Movie Ticket Radio right now (my fave dorky digital radio station) and they've just started playing Carly Simon's 'Coming Around Again', which was from the movie... HEARTBURN.


Notebook Tips said...

brilliant! Apparently her next book is pretty good and I intend to buy it too. Apparently it shows she can write.

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