Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh hay

It's Friday and I have a headache. Have had for a few days, and feeling a bit off. I blame the reduced dose of Vit D! I have to teach, will get through it, and then tonight Clokes is taking me somewhere fancy for my birthday (which is next Monday, oh yay me.)

Tomorrow I'm hosting either a lunch or dinner for my birthday (time non-specific as I wait to hear back from my sis who is on school camp and without phone reception it seems, until maybe tonight when they are 'back at base'?) I'm hoping she can come and we'll make it dinner if so; if not go ahead with original plan of lunch. Reasons why: I can't be bothered explaining but be assured they are dull and not important.

I have no agent news yet, but today is Day 9 and tomorrow Day 10 - allowing for time difference - and she said it would take her a week to 10 days. I told her not to rush, so who knows? Maybe Sunday.

Princess has finished her exams and today has an oral presentation. She has results day Monday and Tues a Group 4 project (some IB thang) and Wednesday final assembly and then Prefect meetings. Did I tell you she is a Prefect next year for Year 12? And then she goes to Turkey next Saturday for 2 weeks. Did I tell you that?

It's all happening.

I'm planning a petite getaway with my mum, to Malmsbury to visit an old school friend of hers who is also my godmother - yes, this staunch atheist was christened and has godparents - unbelievable right? we'll stay one night there, and then the plan is to go to Ned Kelly country and stay 2 or 3 nights there. I can do some writing, mum can read and meditate. We can go for small walks, drive around. It'll help distract me while Princess is away. Make it less like the last Waiting for Princess Vigil. What a time. Here's the link for people who weren't around then. She was just-turned nine and went to the US on her own for three weeks with her Dad and her dad's then girlfriend. (I may have put some of the posts into drafts, they might not be there because at that stage I had this blog linked to from my public blog. I keep changing my mind about that too.)

So it's coffee time, I'd better go. Melbourne's weather yesterday was shit - rained all day. But today looks dry. Who the fuck knows.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


jo_blue said...

Hey Melba,
It is all happening for luck with the agent thing...crossing fingers and all that. I'm the other staunch atheist with a god-mother and I think I was christened too - it's not our fault! I love my godmother though. They are special people, even if we don't have the same beliefs.

Hard to believe your little Princess is all grown up and doing the last year of high school. Wow. Hasn't this year gone so fast? It feels like the daughter just started and now she's done with "first year of secondary school" and is going on and upwards. Enjoy your coffee, enjoy your break - I'm absolutely sure you've earned it. Much love. xx ps, maybe we can squeeze in a little catch up before xmas - or in Jan. I'm too scared to leave it too long. We're getting older and I'm getting forgetful and I don't want it to be a year before I see you again awesome friend. LOL

suze2000 said...

Just keep in mind a week to ten days can really mean two weeks (because ten working days) and don't panic if you don't hear from her on Sunday.

THis is my favourite time of year because we live right next to a school. The senior girls are pretty much done for the year and the street is going to settle down into Summer quiet soon. I never thought I would always be so acutely aware of school holidays despite having no kids. But we don't like letting our cat out when the crazy SUV mummies are tearing down our street because they are late dropping off Portia and Pre'shus. So school holidays are eagerly enjoyed by all.

I hope you enjoy your break and don't worry about P too much. She's going to be doing more and more out of home as she grows older, you'll have to get used to it. :)

Melba said...

OK I have some good news. Agent is half way through and emailed saying she likes it. Well, actually she wrote in the subject field: Loving. It.

And then a great message about why she's loving it.


Let's hope the second half is ok.

Jo, Jan is better, before Christmas now is too mad. We won't leave it longer, I promise!

Thanks Suze, for the reassurance. I know she is pretty independent and very capable. It's just she hasn't seen him for 3 years and she is angry with him, so I don't want them to fight when she has no 'escape.' But she'll be fine.

sarah toa said...

Oh Melba that is great news! Great news.
Fingers crossed for you across the Nullabor x

Melba said...

It is Sarah, I can't believe how relived I am. I'd even started dreaming that she didn't like it and was working out how to tell me.

PHEW. Will let you know more when I can. I suspect though it'll be like last summer - revisions over Dec and into Jan, getting it back to her to review in Jan and then she'll get it to pubs in Feb. It's pretty exciting. I also bought her a copy of your book which I'm sending across to her as an end of year thanks for working with me pressie. I want her to read it. I'm also going to buy my mum and copy and I've told Clokes to read it too. Feeling quite preachy about it I have to say!

sarah toa said...

Stay preachy darlin'!
You know that Age review? They syndicated it, so it was also in SMH and the Canberra times the same weekend. Far out.