Monday, February 17, 2014

Going fishing again chickens

But this time it's more this

than this

I'm going west, and because I think I've been blathering about it for months, you already know this. I'm going to sessions at the Perth Writers Festival, and I'm booked in to do all sorts of writery goodnesses.

I'm hanging out with Sarah Toa, writer of Salt Story and blogger at A WineDark Sea, and I'm really really excited about meeting her and seeing her world.

After Perth I'm hiring a car and driving south to Albany, which is where Sarah lives. I'm going to meet new people and see new things, smell the air of the west and be under a different sky.

I don't know that we'll go fishing but we'll see the sea, oh yes.

Hope everyone well, back soon.


sarah toa said...

Looking forward to meeting you and show you the local wild life Melba!

Melba said...

Like hornless cows and pythons. Heh.

suze2000 said...

Have fun. If you are inclined to drive north at all, I recommend the coast road to Geraldton. It's stunning. There's a spot just north of Jurien where the water is just a couple of metres from the road.

squib said...

Make sure you check out Dog Rock

jo_blue said...

Wow...just sounds fabulous. Have a blast.

Melba said...

squib I saw Dog Rock. Drove past a couple of times. Thanks to you I knew exactly what it was, which was a bit exciting.

Suze, didn't have time to go north this trip but will file away for next time...