Tuesday, March 10, 2015

London 1.0

Diana - always in our hearts

A painting I liked at The Tate

A Turner, at the Tate. I think.

For sale at the Globe Theatre.

Dickens's healthy ego, at his house.

London was cold but mostly sunny. I walked and I walked. I livedthere for a few months back in 1990 but never really explored. While it's not a place I love, city-wise, it is a place that feels familiar. I wasn'tthat impressed with the Tates, the old or new. Actually I walked into the modern and then walked out again after looking at the program. Nothing there for me. Everything was really expensive too, which makes it a tough place to enjoy in a way. But it was good to walk and learn the city a little.

Fuck this formatting. I just can't drive this fucking blog any more.


Alex said...

That is a nice painting; the one with the man in the kilt.

Also, I would be more than happy to give you some driving assistance; including with changing your theme, which we never got to before. Would you like to do it here, or in a separate thread?

Melba said...

Oh let's do it here, thanks Alex. But I'm buried for another week or so of edits. After 20 March ok? Want to get it looking better.

Melba said...

And the painting, I have the details somewhere, but it's something Jacobite'y.

sarah toa said...

Very Jacobity ... it's really impressive. I love those situation paintings.

Alex said...

Whenever you're ready Melbs. If I happen to have rellies staying for a few days or something, I'll let you know; but I'm not planning any trips out to the sticks any time soon or anything.

Alex said...

Are you coming out to play this weekend Melba, or do you still have chores to do?

Melba said...

Yes I'm here, I got your email, will check out and get back to you tomorrow? Good time to look at things, am having the weekend off from writerly duties.

Melba said...

Far out, where did the day go. I ended up doing writing work.