Thursday, April 02, 2015

Going fishing.

This time it's a family wedding, up your way Alex, or where I think your way is. Who the fuck has a wedding on Easter weekend? And the weather looks to be shit, so no lounging at the pool drinking and reading to be had, I don't think. Back Sunday. Happy Easter all.


Alex said...

How far North were you? It is a reasonably large state.

The weather was pretty shit here, but then again, I half imagine Melbournians being comfortable lounging poolside in cold drizzle anyway.

So, how did it go? Any rabbit shit at your place this year?

Melba said...

It's a very big state, we weren't far north at all. Gold Coast. So yeah. And true that Melburnians don't have a problem being poolside in the drizzle, but not cold drizzle.

It was ok, but a lot of small things 'happened.' Maybe I'll list them if I can be bothered.

Rabbit shit, not at our place this year other than some chocolate bunnies left behind. Princess went and stayed with her cousins (my sis and bro in law came to the wedding too) so she had fun, setting up egg hunt and that stuff. I didn't get any eggs myself but scarfed a few little solid ones that were on tables at the wedding. How about you?

Alex said...

No rabbit shit for me. I didn't even realise which weekend it was until is was upon me. Got some nice phone calls from the kiddies though, wanting to tell Arny Awix all about the crap the great hooda brought them.

Sorry to hear the trip wasn't nicer. "Small things" can be a big deal when they gang up on you.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I take it from your comment that Princess is a fair bit older than her cousins and scored babysitter duty for the weekend?

Good to hear she had fun with it and it wasn't too much of a chore.

Melba said...

Yeah she is, my niece is 14 and nephew 12 so they require supervision. She had a lot of fun but said also that it was very tiring, even though they're older and she didn't really need to do much. They're both really active kids and the girl is REALLY LOUD. So while they were watching LOST together, they were both wriggling and so fidgety. Then she had to clean up for my sister, a little bit. Plus they cooked and walked the dog and all that. So, she was tired and slept very well last night.

One of the little things was a couple of bad oysters our first night there, so runs for the rest of the time, and a funny tummy. Another thing was also toilet based; our hotel room was pretty big with a big bathroom but no fucking door in between. And just glass shower and toilet doors, with gaps at the top. So when Clokes had to shit, which he does it seems endlessly cause he eats so much, especially when there's a buffet breakfast, it's explosive and unpleasant to listen to. And when his wife has oyster-bowels, it's not so hot for him to listen to either.

And then there was the whole weird QLD Good Friday alcohol rule. WTF is with that? You can't have a drink without ordering and consuming a main meal prepared on the premises! For our family this was tough, and meant that when we finally got to dinner we all got smashed, and drank far too much. I even went back to wine after cognac for fuck's sake.

I'll stop there. It was an ok weekend but happy to be back. I shouldn't complain I know. Not about oysters, alcohol and toilets. Lucky to have them all.

Alex said...

I've heard people say you should never eat seafood when you're traveling, and I think it might be sound advice. I can't remember the last time I was in a motel room without a bathroom door. It seems a bit weird.

It's funny isn't it; it wasn't that long ago that a 14yo would have been relegated the role of weekend babysitter, and now they're the ones who need looking after. Still, it's good to hear they didn't try to push the boundaries or anything.

I don't know what the deal is with the Good Friday rules up here. I probably did at one point, but it's not something I've had to worry about for a while now.