Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Prague 2

Top to bottom

1. view from our apartment in Prague
2. view from the castle hill
3. statue near castle, behind the walls where there were all sorts of interesting 'like Sovereign Hill but not' original houses, and a prison, and this statue. With obviously fondled penis.
4. St Vitus Cathedral (near Prague Castle complex.) SO BEAUTIFUL from the outside. Inside was ok.
5. View over Prague from castle.
6. Old Jewish Cemetery behind Pinkas Synagogue. Amazing experience. Being inside the synagogue, it's a very modest building, and you see there is all this writing on the walls, in gold paint. You look closer and they are names, and dates, of people who died. You go upstairs and there are displays that once I realised what they were, I couldn't stay there. Not grotesque, not explicit, but so so sad I couldn't take it. Don't want to explain, explaining diminishes it.
7. Kafka statue
8. best ice cream sundaes ever
9. Communist Museum.
10. ditto


Alex said...

Wow. That knob has been fondled to the point that the finish has worn away.

Normally, I'd say something whimsical about it, but that last scene in GoT has left a bit of a sour taste.

squib said...

Is that Kafka statue supposed to look like someone astride a suit-wearing vagina or it that just me?

Alex said...

I'm certain there are men out there that have nightmares about giant suit-wearing vaginas taking over the world at an executive level. Some of them have right-wing talk shows on the internet. Maybe the sculptor was one of them.

Melba said...

The suit-wearing vagina. I admit, it is a stunning image. Prague had lots of statues. That boy with the rubbed penis; tourists were standing around smiling and looking uncomfortable, no one actually looking at it. People are so uptight, man. I took a couple of photos, in my own good time. I thought it was a lovely statue. Unusual.