Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's all things Game of Thrones in our house

WE are even doing a podcast. I will let you know when it's up on youtube. We are having loads of fun doing it. This season is great, I'm really enjoying it, but some characters, eg Tyrion, have stalled. It's like Mereen is the place for stalled characters.

Here is a guy we found Ozzy Man who does great catch ups:

Recent one for S6 Ep 9.

I'm also reading the following recaps:

Raven (hosted at Gothic Cheeseburger) does I think the best recaps, or the most consistently good

Mel Campbell does a recap for Junkee

I also sometimes read these two at LA Review, though I don't agree usually with everything they say

This was also a good article, interesting about how the fight sequence was planned and shot. The same guy who directed Episode 9 is directing next week's (which runs for 69 minutes. Is that an extra nine minutes? I am so excited.)

And finally, the guy who played Rickon apparently tweeted, saying #shouldhavezigzagged



Alex said...

Looking forward to the podcast. Of course, I have a thousand questions:

• Are you just doing the one, or could this be the start of a series? Not just GoT, but of everything you're watching? Don't be discouraged if the first few turn out a bit shit. Recording & editing are easy, but recording & editing WELL takes some time.
• Is it video+audio or audio only? If there's video, are you just using clips from the show, or are you filming yourselves as well?
• What are you using to record and edit it? Computers? Phones? Tablets? Android? Mac? Windows? Applications? I hear Audacity is a very good (free & open) program for audio production.
• Will it be Melba & Princess, or are you doing it under your real names?

In some ways, this almost seems as exciting as the show itself. Podcasts are my main source of information and entertainment these days.

I checked out Ozzy Man. Very entertaining. I'm quite fond of that comedic style of presenting clever insights disguised as idiotic ramblings. Love the nicknames too—Jono, Tomo, Dave-o-s—I'm definitely stealing some of those.

suze2000 said...

There's a show called After The Thrones on HBO as well. If you have HBO, you might find it. If you are watching by other means, it'll probably be there too. :)

I have a podcast app on my phone, I'll look forward to more details of your podcast. :)

Melba said...

Finally I am here to answer your questions, Alex. I shouldn't have mentioned the podcast cause now people are waiting. Argh.

The plan is just audio, with scrolling images. I'd be happy with just a static image and then our voices, on youtube is the plan. But there are so many good pics to go with, and we got a little creative and funny.

We recorded maybe four or five 20 minute or so segments. Usually the day or so after each episode, and it's just us talking, our theories, and we think it's listenable and funny.

Just recorded on my phone and then uploaded. Quality aint bad. Clokes did a bit of editing and showed Princess how to do it. For names, not our real names and not Melba and Princess. I wanted us to be Walder Frey daughters (they have great names, and pick two obscure ones, because, get it, they are probably the most voiceless powerless characters in the entire show) but P thought that's a bit dark so we have settled on Old Nan and Older Nan. See, hilarious!

So we also recorded a chat or two about other things, that we get on a topic and just go and it's pretty fascinating if I do say so. Two of them we were driving in the car, she was driving (on her Ls still) so you get me giving directions and all that, and then talking GoT. Once or twice on the couch here. With time we'd love to do it for other things as well, life things, politics, people, the world. Why not? Don't expect anything to come of it, but these days you can explore your interests and maybe sometimes they will intersect with other people's interests.

Thanks Suze for the info, I think my daughter knows about it, I don't think we have HBO. How do you get it... in the past I think that's what we've just downloaded, you know, illegaly...

Alex said...

Is Old Nan a character? I do so lose track of them. I like the idea of the obscure Frey daughters, that they would secretly be clever and insightful and opinionated. Plus, it beats being two of Crastor's daughters.

Ongoing generic podcast also sounds good. Like I said, podcasts are my main thing these days. About the only topic I don't have the stomach for is celebrity gossip—which is unfortunate—because it seems so very popular these days.

Melba said...

Old Nan was in the first season I think they were doing sewing with her OR she was with Hodor and was the one who would tell stories.

So I have bad news. P's computer died, no back up, hard drive gone so all the work she'd done on our podcasts also gone... I have original audio so we can do again it's just a matter of doing it. I think I will on the upcoming holidays. I'm having a break from business, will be doing some writing, but can also try to do the podcasts and get them up, Clokes can help me and get me going...

Will let you know!

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