Friday, November 03, 2006

truth for today

it is really really really difficult to find good non-wheat muesli.

oh, and we're going camping.

it was almost like this last year, so this year am trying to keep positive. it rained for 29 hours last year. i've been telling people it was 72.

me and my exaggeration, khuh*

back later.

* i've always wondered how to write this sound. it's in the sheesh range of exasperation utterances, however it's not a word. it's the sound john cleese makes a couple of times in life of brian, and i think also in fawlty towers. it's in the back of the throat, like the ch in l'chaim. it's like a self-scraping of the throat. i would really appreciate any suggestions on how to write this sound. it's a sound i use a lot, even if in my head. it's a sound i need in my life, and as so much of my life is written these days, i need to know how to spell it.


Alabama said...

I've always written it as *Sheesh*


And you're going camping. Lucky.

Kit_Fur_Cat said...

In relation to the Wheat free Muesli:

Try: Yarra Natural in Bayswater; on Dorset Rd. They have a good range.

Northcote/ Westgarth try the health food shop next to Silly Yaks (and go to silly yaks and get lemon merringue pie at smae time; my bias surrounding this place starts with this dish.)

If you're in Mornington the Gluten Free Foods in Mornington has a good range; so does the Healthy House in Frankston.

Hope this helps. I've given up on buying muesli due to costs so I make my own blend; but these places have been useful.

Now; if someone brings out a GF porridge that doesn't taste like Farax...

Steph said...

OY! I'm Coeliac too!! No wheat or gluten or anything fucking tasty for me either.

I think you made the sound right. Least i understood it...If that means anything...Probably not.
I'll be leaving now.

groverjones said...

Alright, it's very late, but I've finally found a computer that will play Derek and Clive.
"Can you name a whale that's had a record in the top 10?"
Awesome stuff! I'm trying not to laugh out loud in public.

Susanne said...

I went to a Reading Festival in the UK that had tents floating away, like in your picture. It was ridiculously muddy, but I guess that was all part of the fun.

I was there as an Oxfam steward so we our camping area was relatively dry, thank god!

BEVIS said...

I think you've hit the nail right on the head with that little noise, MG. I knew precisely the sound you meant when I read it. Good one!

(My Mum's a coeliac as well, ladies. I know your pain. Everyone reckons I'll be diagnosed a coeliac soon due to my diet ... I know you're meant to have it from birth, but Mum was diagnosed at 40 and had no symptoms before that. Doctors can't explain it, but doctors often can't explain stuff. I'm going to be a very sad boy when I'm told I can't have burgers, pizzas, doughnuts or most other meals again!)

elaine said...

my mum has a gluten intolerance (not quite coeliac) so she makes her own muesli. and gluten free bread. Do you want me to get the recipe for you?

MelbourneGirl said...

hey everyone. i'm not coeliac or gluten intolerant but just having a break from wheat and dairy. but thanks for all your suggestions.

yes, i would love to get muesli recipe elaine. and thanks kit_fur_cat - i'll look for them.

BEVIS said...

I just checked, and my Mum is still a coeliac.

Riss said...

Bevis, you'll have to start eating RICE!! Heavens to Betsy!!!

BEVIS said...

Not happening.