Friday, December 08, 2006

dear ali

it's that time of year again, isn't it dear ex-husband? remember last year? i do, with great fondness as i rushed around, right about this time, or even a bit later i think it was, even closer to christmas, making bookings for princess to go and stay with you in america.

remember those wonderful days, when you would text and call me at all hours, impatient and derisory, saying things like "if only you were professional and good".

well, listen, bucko. i aint a travel agent. and i aint your wife anymore, so you can fuck off with your professional and good.

so it's around this time you come into my life with your texts and your phone calls and your demands. and i can't tell you to fuck off because the person we both love most in the whole wide wonderful world hovers between us, like human fairy-floss, both of us wanting to hold it and adore the pinkness.

so, you two have made a plan to go to brisbane. great. no really, i mean it. GREAT. why wouldn't i be happy for my daughter to go to all those worlds up there, movie, wet n' wild and sea. and why wouldn't i want to help out with flight bookings and accommodation. after all, i want her to travel and stay safely and pleasantly. i do want to smooth things, keep things cool. why would i want to tell you to fuck off, make your own reservations?

but please, just stop telling me that I'M making things difficult, when you don't see me on my little hamster-wheel, spinning spinning to try and work things out for you. i work really hard over here, i'm busy as anything, yet i prioritise your demands to keep things smooth. so you go to your fucking james bond movies, you go and get drunk over there in london. i don't mind. but please be polite to me. thank me for my efforts. don't cut me down. when i call you to ask if your drivers' licence is current, and what the address is on it, don't tell me i'm causing problems, and why haven't i managed to finish all this in the 2 days you've given me to do it.

you've given me to do it?

i must have missed the fact that i'm a slave to your schedule, how could i have possibly not realised?

so don't make with the nice with me one minute and then turn on me like that. try and be civil all the time, and don't make it seem like you're doing me a favour just because you control your temper, you don't get angry at me because i might not understand straight away what you are saying in your thick fucking accent over the phone.

so enjoy your trip to brisbane. i hope you don't stay in melbourne long. i hope we can get through this without an argument. or without me getting that familiar sick feeling of hotness and nausea when you are around and you are not happy.


your former wife


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Brownie said...

boy is that sophie gonna get herself in trouble.

Dear Melbourne Girl - I heard your frustration. If he cares so much about princess then why has he put himself so far away?

Does he realise the psychological damage which is done by a parent who flies in with big Dreamworld moments and disappears?

Did anybody tell him the ONLY way to be A Good Father is to be A GOOD BLOODY HUSBAND.

god I hate men.

Audrey said...


elaine said...

what IS it about exes at this time of year?!!!!

Mine emailed me the other day saying "we should catch up"... and again the fool that is me thought "why? why should we catch up? after you treated me with such disdain why would you think I would ever want to" whilst typing "sure, if you want. I'm going away but outside then I guess we can"


Much love, duck. We've got your back.


and sophia, if you want to meet handsome gays, I suggest the baby doctor.

ThirdCat said...

yeah, look, sophia best of luck with all that

melbourne girl - what can I say? I think kids do see it all for what it was. In the end.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Also, happy birthday.

sublime-ation said...

oh girl I feel ya (see my ranting).
don't let him get you down.
I remember last year.

good luck with it all, and make sure he doesn't get you to do too much. Let him do it.

gros bisousxx

Magical_M said...

exes suck. that's why they're exes.

i feel for you honey - i hope it all works out ok.


meva said...

High ground, MG. You loved him once. And you have the most important thing in the world in common.

A tough road, but women are tough. Most of us do the right thing despite some of our weak and miserable men.

I'm not Craig said...

This man had the good taste to marry you, so he has at least one redeeming feature.

Men who behave like this just make me cross. He is makingthe rest of us look bad and he needs to lift his game now. Do let me know if you would like me to drop around and explain this to him.

Rowena said...

This is fucked MG. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such a person.

Stay strong and dignified.


BEVIS said...

Yeah, everything I said last time (during the American trip fiasco) still applies.

But let's not put all men in the same basket, okay people?

You wouldn't like the generalisations I could make about women from the other perspective - but I wouldn't do that because it's not fair (or realistic).

And a message to Sophia - maybe Ali would suit you.

kiki said...

that sucks dude
you'll pull through

i haven't heard anything from my ex yet. here's hoping as she still has a heap of my stuff!

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