Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas cheer

well it's that time of year, when i need to go and cook a bunch of food* and get a headache. no, really it's nice, it's exciting, the kids are going mental.

but this is for you.

go on, open it up.

and tell me what you've found in the comments.

i hope it's what you wanted. and don't give me any world peace shit. we all want that, that goes without saying. what would YOU like?

have a good one.

peace. love. happiness. good health. and not too much indigestion. these are my wishes for you.


* menu for tomorrow, 20 people (12 adults/8 kiddlings) = antipasto platters, arancini, roast pork, potatoes au gratin, kebabs with fillet of beef and italian sausages, crunchy noodle salad, green salad, trifle, pavlova with berries, semi fredo. leftovers on christmas day i believe.


fluffy said...

Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

Free Bird said...

Hi! I like your blog a lot...Found your blog when I was researching about the book "Queenbees and Wannabes" on the web...found a couple of other good blogs from ur blog - rowena and mez...

I found hope in the box! hope for a more confident and less restless me in 2007...Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

meva said...

Thanks, MG! I got a 3 week holiday in Africa. Wow! And my Benicio del Toro action toy is just great!

Have a wonderful time. Keep safe.


sublime-ation said...

a holiday?
longer than two weeks.

pavlova. yum.

lotsa minions to do my boring work bits, so i can just research/write/publish and look at lots of art.

someone to work for FBF on NYE so he can go away with me.

that 1950s yelllow dress i saw today.
and some old silk nighties.

is that too much to ask?

see you in the new year sweets.

ps on blog names, and your recent questions, I've always thought 'World.Oyster.Stage' was hilarious and brilliant and wanted to ask you about its origins.

BEVIS said...

Presumably a mix of "the world is my oyster / all the world is a stage" ... but I'm sure you knew that already and were asking the specific origins for MG coming to choose the name ...

Ahem. I'll be quiet now. (I've always liked it as a blog title, too.) That's not being quiet. (Sorry.)

Um, thanks for the gift, MG! I got a week at the beach with Wifey and Sweetums and my Sydney-based family, all of whom (including me) had a great time.

And I noticed down at the bottom of the box was a constantly-laughing Sweetums, who's so cute when he laughs at you that it makes your heart melt.


Oh, and a Muppet figurine. Floyd from the band. Ace.

Chai said...

Grain. Sand. Hand. (w.r.t. World Oyster Stage).

Thanks for the pressie.

Just occurred to me that I dont know what I want. Which is part of the problem. Actually, it is almost the whole problem :-)

Happy Festivus and hope you have a terrific Solstice and an even better 2007.

Rowena said...

Why, I found a hawt goiy who will love me till the end of time. UNREAL!!

MG, you are the business. Fact. (Not just because your pressie contained a hawt goiy, but because you're you).

Have a lovely Christmas xx

Anonymous said...

Mental note: must use the phrase 'you are the business' more often. Choice.

I'm going to save the box until tomorrow morning, if that's alright with you.

Then again, if I find myself reading blogs on Christmas morning I may have to cry a little. Nah, I'm going to be at the St Kilda Yacht Club trying set unsuspecting women up with my annoying know-it-all uncle.

What am I talking about? I don't even know anymore.

Have good times and keep rocking the business.

COREMAN said...

Dear Mel-Girl, let me give you a christmas treat - something to get your teeth into o'er the holiday break - DIG:

Merry yooknowhat, COREMAN.

I'm not Craig said...

All I want for Christmas is a good night's sleep...

I opened the box to find that you will continue writing your lovely posts about life and everything to do with it, and I will get to read them, which is a fabulous gift indeed. Thank you so so so so much.

A very Merry Christmas to you and your whole wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

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Steph said...

Hope you had a fantastic christmas, and thanks so much for the new car. Bahahaha!

Magical_M said...


David Tennant holding a bottle of Moet, a big fat Tiffany's diamond and a plane ticket to Europe.

How did you guess that's EXACTLY what I wanted?

Hope the Christmas dinner was a huge success.


Rosanna said...

Your menu sounds yum - I hope it was.

I opened the box, and found a bloody good time.

Audrey said...

Thanks for the Kombi lovely lady. x

Watershedd said...

Thanks for the gift, MG. I found a little respite from a busy life. Hope your Chirstmas gifts provided much happiness and peace. Best wishes for the NY.

Linda said...

Hi MG, just stumbling thru and saw your Aug 18 post about 'Harry the executive' computer game. Did u mean Leisure Suit Larry? The guys at work used to play it in the days when we were still allowed to smoke at our desks.
Hope you had a good Xmas.

emma said...

I found a buff male slave who is obsessed with going down on me and very good at it too. He seems to have no vocal chords either, which is good. I wonder if I would ever get sick of having a male sex slave? Methinks not.

MelbourneGirl said...

hey everyone

firstly fluff, no misunderstoodness. hope you and tm are well.

free bird, cool. glad you liked your present, it took me a while to find but just when i was about to give up, i found it right up the back of the dusty old fabric store at the top end of collins street, in melbourne. the owners are really grumpy and unfriendly and they didn't like me rooting around back there on my own (!) but i could smell something beautiful and green and fresh back there, in between the 1950s tulle and silk chiffons. i got it for a good price too.

meva, i thought you might prefer him to brad pitt and george clooney which were the other two i saw. i got the george for myself actually. he's not bad, but he's starting to get a bit loose in the joints now. overuse?

sublime. re the dress, i knew that colour would suit you well, the holiday, hope you enjoyed it. re your question re blog name, yeah as bevis says below you, it was like "the world is my oyster, and all the world's a stage" kind of brill thinking, you know how these things just flow sometimes. (!) but i don't want to be melbournegirl anymore, i feel like it's really pompous and presumptuous, as if i own the city, man. when i clearly don't. melba? which is not a complete change, some people have called me melba in the past.

bevis. SEE? you think i'm not taking any notice of the muppet thang, and then i blast you out of the water with my superb present choosing. as for the rest, it's all just under your nose isn't it? lucky you.

oh dear chai, i'm not happy with your answer, there was something in the box for everyone. you just didn't look hard enough. try again? hope you had a good festivus and that your pole was well "decorated". sorry, i don't think i'm being rude there.

ro, hope you are still enjoying the hawt goi. i just knew you'd luv him. oi.

surly, you haven't come back and told us what your present was. i will wait. i hope your uncle got well set up... stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to the art of the pickup. coming soon. i'm serious, don't laugh like that.

coreman, i had a quick looky at your work, it is interesting and i will try to get back to it. problem is i am having to pare back my blogging this year as i have other things i MUST do. but thanks for sharing, and good luck with it. but you didn't say what your present was either.

i'm not craig, you are a darling aren't you? one day we shall meet at the bell park, you with your honeybear and gorgeous children, me with my john and my gorgeous children, and we will play the bells, get over the initial awkwardness of having a real life eyeball, 10-4 good buddy, and then all get on well and become best married friends for life! hope you and yours all had a terrif time, and are still having.

steph, hope you had a good christmas new year etc. and ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME? just drive the new car slowly, don't write it off, and i hope you like the colour and the pink chrome mag wheels. i got them specially done for you.

m_m, see i remembered you have a thing for tiffany rings. 2 carats, platinum, solitaire. am i right or am i right? see, i just live to please.

rosanna, hi, you're easily pleased, which is lucky because when i was shopping for you my credit card froze, and so i had to get something for you which was kind of free and kind of priceless.

alabama, i knew you'd love kombis. there's just something about them, they are so free-spirited. i hope you don't mind it being orange, i think orange is very hip.

watershedd, hi, glad you liked your gift, it wasn't easy to find but i managed. hope you are enjoying the festive season and taking time out when you can manage it.

linda, hi. no it wasn't leisuresuit larry, it was harry the handsome executive

but leisuresuit larry sounds like the deal as well. hope you had a good christmas as well.

oh emma. how did he get in there? he must have snuck out of his gimp box in my basement and into the red box with the green ribbon. bad manslave, i was keeping him for myself, for when the george clooney doll "broke". oh well, you keep him and enjoy, but give him a smack from me for being so disobedient.

BEVIS said...

Don't change your name! It's not presumptuous at all! You're a girl FROM Melbourne! I'm sure we all get that.

Maybe you can just be MG and let people think they're your initials (or that you're really into vintage cars) or something?

(That conversation between you and Emma was a little disturbing - imagine the grief you'd give me if I spoke about a lady-woman like that on MY blog! Anyway, it explains why Clokeeeey's been so quiet lately ...)

MelbourneGirl said...

errr. was it too much? i was trying to be funny. i was thinking of that scene in pulp fiction which i still think stands for me as the most disturbing scene i've ever seen in a movie, along with the coathanger scene in sybil.

you've given me a post idea.

if you did the same sort of thing about a lady-slave i'd probably look sideways at you but not say anything. no me, no no, what are you talking about? i keep my opinions to myself, bevie.

roll on neighbours. argh.

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