Wednesday, May 09, 2007

yesterday, 2007

thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to complete strangers david and paul, who saw me needing help and that everyone else was just ignoring me and going about their business at 9am. thank you for helping me get the car back over the gutter at the petrol station, no, i'm not sure how i got it there in such a way that the nose was poking across the footpath and i was at right-angles to where i should have been. thank you for scratching your heads, thinking carefully about the problem, and not walking away when you could have. thank you for carrying bricks across north road twice, and not giving up on me. we got it done, without any damage. apart from the damage my pride suffered. i wanted to hug both of you, but i'm glad i shook your hands and got your names. hope you got some laughs through the day by re-telling the story. i don't mind. honestly. you guys rock.

thank you also to red symons. you gave me a lift when you checked me out at the cafe in clifton hill. you see, i'd been to a hair trial with my sister and while i thought the result was just a little too kerri-anne-kennerley, you obviously thought i was a bit of a hot number. so thank you for giving me that lift, just when i needed it.

so, the kindness of strangers. never underestimate it. it could be you one day, with your car, or your hair, in the shit. maybe even in the same day.

and before you tell me that was such a woman thing to do with the car, and "are you blonde" and all that, paul told me he'd done it before. sweetie, trying to make me feel better. i didn't tell him i'd also done similar before. twice.


sublime-ation said...

That's a nice change from guys doing ringside commentary when you park. I saw Kim Gyngell last night but am rather relieved he was only interested in checking out paintings not me. What ever happened to him?

MelbourneGirl said...

i know what you mean. i wasn't THAT flattered re the red thing. why wasn't it, oh, i don't know, gary ablett junior or something?

Chai said...

WTF happened? With bricks? My mind boggles.

sublime-ation said...

It's interesting how different Red's persona is from him, I've always found him to be quite the lovely one.

MelbourneGirl said...

well then sub, call me 100% flattered. if he's nice as well as mildly famouse.

chai - bricks went either side of the mini wall so that the tyres had something to go over, kind of like a mini bridge. for such a mini wall, it sure was a major fucker when it came to trying to get the car back over it.

mind less boggly now? or more?

Chai said...

Thanks for the clarification. I would have been stressed.

MelbourneGirl said...

if you'd been in my situation with car over gutter or had you not received proper clarification?

or both?

anyway, don't stress about anything. i've got the dress and all is on track so you can relax dear chai.

Chai said...

O.... K.... am not stressed. I meant if I had been in your situation, I'd have been sweating bullets. Good to hear all is on track.
And you can still elope.

Riss said...

I've seen Kim Gyngell in a couple of MTC plays over the last year. Plays piano a treat.