Tuesday, March 18, 2008



jo_blue said...

Oh my god!!

mizanthrop said...


Another Outspoken Female said...

bloody f*cking a*sehole bullies

hope they are seeing these pictures in China - but am sure google has been obliged to filter them out.

Do you think Rudd has the guts to ask the Australian team to boycott the Olympics or are our wool and commodities sales more important?

Melba said...

i wonder what rudd will do. i think he has the guts to do something, but whether he thinks it is the "best thing to do" is another matter entirely.

do country leaders ask teams to boycott? what's happened in the past with that? do they decide themselves?

i hope rudd says something and does something but i don't know what. it's also like people are expecting him even more to do something because he speaks mandarin. it's interesting.

thus far he is doing well. i don't want to be disappointed now.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I'm trying to remember if the South African sporting and cultural boycotts were government driven. I always thought they were, rather than situations like the cricket pulling out of the Pakistan tour over safety issues which was decided by the cricket board.

jo_blue said...

I agree with Melba, I don't think that Rudd will ask or make the team boycott the olympics. Rudd has a good relationship with the chinese (helped by his impressive fluency in Mandarin), so he would want to keep it that way and perhaps approach the matter in a more subtle way. What way that would be is anyone's guess.