Tuesday, March 04, 2008

channelling elaine benes for a minute

remember that seinfeld episode when elaine thought that a cafe owner was only hiring large-breasted waitresses? and it turned out they were all his daughters.

well, has anyone else noticed that baker d.chirico only hires sales-girls who wear floral, 1940s dresses and who are all really quite pretty, with rabelaisian hair?

there's none of this:

i'm not saying it's a bad thing. just saying is all.


K said...

Not being from Melbourne (if in fact it is a Melbourne thang)... what is rabelaisian hair?

That said, I'll be coming down in about a month so I'll be sure to stick my head in to check it out. It sounds too odd to miss!

BEVIS said...

Are you saying that he should be hiring large-breasted sales girls instead?

(Because I'd be fine with that, if you are.)

sublime-ation said...

That's funny, that's not what his woman looks like.

What about Babka girls? They are all gorgeous in an alterna kinda way. There's kind of a Babka look. Do you think they only hire girls like that?

Melba said...

actually there's no such thing as rabelaisian hair. i'm making up new words again.

maybe it's titian i'm thinking of?

yes bev. but you know what, they aren't flat chested as it is.

sub, yes i thought it was you that knows him somehow. maybe he's surrounding himself with the type he'd like? i'd say if there's a babka look, then there's defo a d.chirico look. check it out, i'm sure i'm not imagining things.

PiesFan90 said...

Yes, I've noticed the aprons and the fifties style look and feel of the waitresses. Not that I felt them, I mean feel as in vibe, yes, that's it, the vibe.

Hi Bevis, good to see you back.

BEVIS said...

PiesFan90, I don't know you under this alias, but I've got a pretty good idea who you are.

How many different aliases do you actually have??!

Melba said...

pies dude, sort out your names.


I'm not Craig said...

A dude I worked with used to go to Babka for lunch nearly every day. He turned up so often that they invited him to the Christmas party.

He claimed that it was the best night of his entire life.

I've been waiting for years for an excuse to drop that story into casual conversation/someone else's blog

PiesFan90 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PiesFan90 said...

I'd change my alias accidentally for another blog and it showed my true name on all my blogs. Melba noticed it and I changed it to PiesFan90.

Apologies for any confusion, but clokeeeey is still my name.

ladyb said...

Elaine is the best - sometimes I wish I was her.

[or at least friends with her]

I haven't been to baker d.chirico - the girls sound nice-like.

But is the bread as good as Babka?

You've made me want to go there and dream for their dresses..

Melba said...

the bread at d. chirico's is as good as any you'll find i reckon.