Wednesday, April 23, 2008

come on pollsters. i need a few more.

so let's really get down to business, hey? there's a theme developing here, but the sample is still too small i have to admit.

i wish to prove my point that not only do collingwood indeed have the reputation of being the most-hated club, there are actual reasons beyond inter-generational-attitudes-inheritance; ie you saw a little tacker as above at the football, and he was giving the other team (or his own) the finger.

onto other matters:

annoying is:
... having to return a purchase to dobson's in glenferrie road. melburnians will know that glenferrie road can be as hard to travel as punt road.

interesting is:
... i'm sure there's a fight club in the park near here. on a sunday, late afternoon'ish. they don't go full on, but definitely, it's a fight club of sorts.

sad is:
... hearing about the young dog that got hit by a car and died on the weekend. i was told by the owner who was walking her remaining dog. sadness.

worrying is:
... the amount of jif cream cleaner dribbles on my funkoid grey exercise breeches.

worrying is also:

happiness is:
... the delish little salad i made for myself and ate just before. red salmon, a smidge of leftover rice, normal salad with a bit of fetta cheese crumbled, red onion slivers, few kalamata olives. salt. pepper. fresh thyme.

love is:

annoying is also:
... the amount of corniness in the west wing. forgive me, but i am a newbie, watching on dvd for the first time. I WAS OVERSEAS WHEN IT WAS ON, OKAY?

cute is:
... the way sam on west wing is trying not to fall for the escort girl/hooker.

yummy is:
... poached eggs. all the time. i love them.

worrying is also:
... reading recently that a doctor only ever eats quarter of an egg yolk at a time. he gives the rest to his dog. "let the dog have the heart attack" he quipped.

interesting is:
... reading the road by cormac mc carthy. i think i'm liking it more than no country, but you know what, it's reminding me of a stephen king story.

that's all for now. have to go to dobson's.


groverjones said...

That egg doctor, and the other one in the article (Sandra Cabot) are fruitloops. The third one was the only one with anything approaching a rational outlook on food.

Melba said...

I AGREE. sandra cabot, i have her book, the liver cleansing diet. but then other people say there's no way you can cleanse your liver.

i am going to eat yolks.

groverjones said...

It's true - your liver has evolved/intelligently designed itself to clean your body of all the crap you put in it, and doesn't need any help from Sandra, so I say eat yolks, poached on a muffin and covered in Hollandaise sauce (made of more yolks). With a side of wilted spinach for your conscience.

Helen Hellbound said...

hi there melba, long time lurker - too shy to comment previously... hate glenferrie rd! love thyme. love poached eggs, (but say no to eggs 4 pets). & am confused/ concerned about local Fight Club....

jo_blue said...

I eat eggs all the time. they are good for you. I'm sure my liver will take care of itself, the way it's designed to.

As for filthy showers, I used to get someone in once a week to do bathrooms, toilets, floors and dusting. Saves your time and your back.

I'm not Craig said...

Can I just mention that I think that, for doctors who are so concerned about food that they regulate the amount of egg yolk consumed each day, then 'fruitloops' is probably the most offensive thing grover could possibly have called those people.

This is excellent.

I remember reading somewhere (most likely that mythconceptions bit in the Age) that the idea of liver cleansing/detox diets started with the Ancient Greeks and have never, ever worked.

Enjoy those egg yolks (and grover is absolutely spot on about the hollandaise.

Magical_M said...

Ooooh just wait till you get to the final season of The West Wing. Its a corker. Took me right back to when Jimmy Smits made me sit up and take notice of him on LA Law.

If only he really could be President.

I do have a big old soft spot for Josh though. Geek that he is.

Magical_M said...

Another reason to hate Collingwood:

Did you see the fans reactions to my beloved boys final quarter ass-whooping over them on Saturday? Feral is about the only word fit for it. I couldn't hear what they were actually saying to my boys, but if their gestures and facial expressions were anything to go by it wasn't "nice goal mate, pity my team's not giving you more of a run for your money".

Oh and I went to the Swans game on Sunday and most of the red & white crowd left about ten minutes into the final quarter.

Band-waggoners. If they were true supporters they would have stayed right to the final siren.

No ticker.