Thursday, April 10, 2008


he said it in china.

he said it to chinese.

he said it in chinese.

this was the best thing i could have seen on the front page of the age this morning.

the man has not fucked it up. he is not caving. he is not pussy-footing. he is not tap-dancing. he is not side-stepping. he is not demurring. he is not faltering. he is not puncey. he is not timid.

so i guess we'll see what kind of diplomat he really is now.

exciting times, friends.


Rowena said...

I was absolutely thrilled by this too. K-Rudd has teh ballz!

jo_blue said...

100% agree with you Melba. I knew he'd say something and do it diplomatically. He's done it and done it well. The Chinese have his respect and his speaking their language certainly contributes to that. Hopefully they will listen to him. And I like the way he said that the relationship is broad enough to handle differences in opinion.

Go Kevin. We're proud of you.

Jayne said...

Fingers crossed it does make a difference!