Thursday, May 08, 2008

who i want to be right now

i have always had a bit of a thang for john cusack. like the rest of the world. but because i'm a contemporary of his, my thing goes back to the first time i saw him in a movie.

and no, it wasn't say anything, the movie that people always cite as the movie they "discovered" and therefore for ever after owned john cusack.

it was the sure thing, in 1985, made a full 4 years before say anything. so you see, i own him.

but anyway. this post is more about the darling diablo cody than john. sort of. kind of. you see, she has gone from writing a blog, writing a book about being a stripper for a year, and then writing a screenplay for a movie that won academy awards a couple of months ago. i've been following her myspace page, and a recent offering was this:

Artist on Artist: John Cusack and Diablo Cody

there are just so many things i like about this video, this girl and of course, john.

1. the fact that they started chatting at some old function.

2. the fact that they stayed in touch. texting. calling. so sweet that he would do that.

3. the fact that she is wearing long, red socks and funny shoes, but she doesn't look try-hard.

4. the fact that she's got short hair at the nape of her neck, like me.

5. the fact that she mocks herself on her myspace page about the looks she gives the camera and that she fidgets in her chair like a romanian [attention-starved] orphan.

6. she's just so damn smart and quick.

7. he gives her a kiss at the end.

i think he likes her. the way he says "nice" after she describes her latest horror film project about a girl who literally consumes the men she seduces "she eats boys" is so telling.

and i want to be her.


Another Outspoken Female said...

I liked the generation gap between them, like when he is trying to guess the embarrassing first gig she went to. Him not getting the 'retro-cachet' ("would it?")

He's still gorgeous but is verging on middle aged guy hanging out with young chick.

I'm not Craig said...

I discovered John Cusack when I saw Better Off Dead. This was before say anything (which I haven;t seen) but probably after the sure thing.

I'll settle for second place on this one.

Melba said...

yeah aof i know what you mean about the generation gap, it was funny but it seemed to me that any problems (ie him = lech and her = youngstuff) are squeezed by their intelligences? he seems pretty switched on - i don't think he's a jack nicholson, let's just fuck all the chicks we can, sort of dude. but who knows. and she's pretty smart. so i like to think it's a meeting of minds. and oh, that he has a crush on her as well.

inc, i don't think i've seen that one. must do a cusack retrospective some time soon.

gullybogan said...

I am in no way disputing your ownership of John Cusack, but - like I'm Not Craig - i 'discovered' him in "Better Off Dead", released 1985.

No matter what he does with his life, i'll always think of him as the dude in that movie, being advised by his coach that the way to win at the skiing contest is to "go really fast, that way".

Melba said...

that's ringing a bell, gullybogan. maybe i have seen it.

I'm not Craig said...

If it helps, the next line was "If something gets in your way... Turn."

Since we're on early Cusack movies, he followed up Better Off Dead by starring opposite Demi Moore in "One Crazy Summer".

I'm fairly sure the scene in that movie where Ms Moore sings "They want your body and they want your soul, and they won't even give you any rock 'n' roll" did little for her career.

Magical_M said...

I have loved John Cusack since he first played the geeky Bryce in Sixteen Candles. Not the main geek. That was Anthony Michael Hall. One of his friends.

I am also possibly the only person I know to own both Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer on both video and DVD.

Such is my devotion to him that I acquired those classic films back in their heyday and updated them as soon as technology caught up.

I therefore think I trump all of you.

However I am willing to share with you mg. I'll take Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Sundays, ok?

xoxo m_m

Magical_M said...

Oh and if you're planning a retrospective, then factor in a session of "Journey of Natty Gann". Classic Disney - Princess will love it.


Melba said...

but is john cusack in that one, m_m? yes, and i am trumped. it's ok. we can share.

though i'm not sure how inc will feel about that.

I'm not Craig said...

I was going to say "as left outas all hell" but I can't feel any emotion right now except awe of m_m's dedication to the cause.

Our next kindergarten trivia night will now feature a John Cusack category, and yes, you're all invited.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Some kind soul has put "better off dead" on youtube - very entertaining.

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