Monday, May 26, 2008

happiness, and sadness.

happy, fun, good, romantic, tipsy, full, lots of dishes, watch big brother, when will we do the presents, two slices of cake, evil-red berry juice, presents? champagne, hear hear to the future, oh what a good husband be he, but why am i on the computer while he does the dishes?

and sadness, end-of-an-era oh why do things have to change, i like things to always stay the same, people always there and nothing moving on. because i always, always find it hard to move on and say goodbye.

onwards and upwards, hey comrades?


I'm not Craig said...

I am absolutely distraught by Fitsy's departure from the world of the blogs. I was going to do a "where were you when you heard the news" style post, but I didn't want to get seven comments all saying "At my computer. You're an idiot" or similar.

A very big happy birthday to your oh so good husband.

Melba said...

i know it's a shock. but my fantasy is she will start another blog, or she already has had one going, where all the cool kids hang. and i will find out the spot, either by design or invitiation.

or i just wait for the book.

and it wasn't birthday, it was our first anniversary oh my god. for you see, we got married on fits's bd.

I'm not Craig said...

Apparently I was so shocked that I lost the ability to count and failed to realise it was your anniversary.

As it turns out, I am an idiot.

Many apologies and also congratulations and best wishes for year of marriage number two.

Magical_M said...

happy anniversary! may there be many more happy years ahead.

i am also distraught about fits. if you do happen to find out where the cool kids hang, let me know. i'll be a hanger-on. i'm not ashamed to look like one.

bevis has promised he will return to his former blogging self, so all is not completely lost.

i might even try getting my a into g and writing some more.


Helen Hellbound said...

There were hints in her last post about future blog whisperings! I'm clinging to this clue & vow to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Marieke is too busy for her imaginary friends at the moment.

Fame and celebrity last forever, so she'll probably never be back.

I suppose she likes her fancy new 'real' friends more than she likes us.

[Yes, i have abandonment issues]