Thursday, November 13, 2008

for your viewing pleasure, see i'm always thinking about your needs, dear reader

this week, we have watched into the wild and the secret of the grain.

i won't bother rhapsodising.

just see them.


hafsia herzi in the secret of the grain. french with english subtitles.

scene from into the wild. screenplay and direction by sean penn. always a good start in my opinion.


Pepsi said...

Into the Wild = the ending was unexpected, I hadnt read any of the promo guff, I had just moved to Sydney and didnt have a job so was wandering King St during the day and popped into the Dendy to see what was on & it was just about to start - it really gutted me.

The last photo was the clincher, I left and ran to the nearest pub for a few stiff drinks.

It was his sister that did the narrative, my mate who was at work getting my jibbering sms's after seeing it told me this.

Though I never understood why, if he was starving, when he bagged the moose, why he didnt just cook a little bit so he could eat, before he started to smoke the whole thing?

gullybogan said...

He smoked a moose?