Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the verdict

so, our two-day movie-thon of all things romantico have concluded.

the verdict is that princess prefers the camped-up bazzy modern romeo and juliet remake to the zeffirelli 1968 one. i am so surprised. that she would prefer a movie made in the 2000s, with modern sets, modern costumes, modern music, a fish tank meeting, guns, lsd tabs and more-accessible orientations such as gang warfare and pool halls. that she would prefer that kind of movie over a gay 1968 rendition of r&j where romeo looks like a certain current teen-star, or a wild, dark gothic "psycho-romance" 1970 version of wuthering heights, where timothy dalton can't act to save his life, and the direction is so ordinary that in certain scenes, the actors are upstaged by the stagnant rocks and moors themselves.

during romeo and juliet, a comparison between the two versions:

p: what are they wearing? what are those? tights? i don't like this! HE LOOKS LIKE ZAC EFRON, YOU CAN TURN IT OFF NOW!

me: you don't want to see them kiss?

p: NO!

we did, however, get through wuthering heights. it was the timothy dalton one, it was awful, and again, she didn't like it.

p: he's a psycho, he's going mental!

me: well, it is darker, i told you.

p: but he's going mentallllllll. i don't like it very much.

me: it's pretty gothic, er goth-


me: the book's good, it's much better. this isn't really that good.

p: no. they're both mental!

and later -

p: are you crying?

me: i was before.

p: [looks at her mother in disbelief]

so, not a complete failure, she's seen romeo and juliet, she knows the story a bit more, and she's now discovered leo di caprio.

my work here is done.


jo_blue said...

What a wonderful thing to do with your daughter. I will take a leaf out of your book, one of these days, when my daughter is older.

I hope your daughter appreciates what a wonderful mum she has.


Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

bwahahaha! ah, brilliant. :D thanks for sharing!

Mex said...

this is fabulous. my mum used to read me shakespeare 'stories' from when i was very young so that i could understand them and not worry about the language so much. Macbeth is also one of my faves but i adore 12th night! perhaps you should consider a trip to a Bell Shakespeare performance??

epskee said...

its funny. I love R&J. loooove it. And I cant decide which is my favourite version i've seen to date. its a toss up between baz luhrmann and a local uni production back in 98 by undergrads.

an appreciation for shakespeare goes a long way nowadays. far too many schools are leaving it out because the kids think its boring, old fashioned and dull. shakespeare has been dead for how long? and his work still appreciated by millions. even JK Rowling wont be able to match that. Lord of the rings was huge, but until that movie came out no-one my age had heard of tolkein. half STILL havent.

Im not even 30 yet and sound like an old woman. whats with the world nowadays? and why have i managed to use the word nowadays 3 times in less than 2 minutes now?????