Sunday, February 01, 2009

sundry sunday matters

too busy to do anything other than a list-type post. my princess starts secondary school tomorrow and it's all just a little too much.

so, let's get into it.

1. does anyone else think that olivia newton-john's new husband, john easterling, bears quite a resemblence, possibly helped by some surgery, to her old, disappeared boyfriend, patrick mcdermott?

i put it to you, now, that they are the same person.

consider the facts as we know them:

- old boyfriend patrick mcdermott was 48 at the time of disappearance

- new husband john easterling is 49 or similar

of course, this could just mean that olivia, in her late 50s, likes 'em young.

- old bf "disappeared" owing child support, court cases against him pending, the usual story.

- new husband kind of appeared out of nowhere, and they got married quickly, with little or no dating recorded in the celebrity pages

- old bf apparently turned up at livvy's house with flowers and an "i'm sorry, you're dropped" the day before he disappeared

- according to this website, set up by an investigator into his disappearance, there are suspicions and even evidence that he has been sighted in the pacific rim area generally, mexico specifically

- new husband has a nickname "amazon john" and his website - while reading like a j peterman catalogue - details his interest and travel experience in south america.

i know these are tenuous suggestions, but maybe not so. look at the pictures:

olivia and patrick 1

olivia and patrick 2

o and p 3 - he has long hair in this one, note extent of greyness

now, we turn to olivia and john, her new beau-come-husband:

olivia and john 1

olivia and john 2

olivia and john 3

now, i ask you. is there anything you are seeing that can't be accounted for with cosmetic surgery? sure, john looks a little taller than patrick, but that could be lifts or onj has had some leg length removed.

i rest my case

other points the flitted through my head before:

1. [writer in paper] seems like a prat. i didn't like her answer to one of the questions in that 5 mins q&a in the age yesterday. it went something like this: i don't bother writing anything if i'm not going to get paid for it. i am paraphrasing, and she was quoting (perhaps wryly, but it came across arrogantly to me) another writer, can't remember who, but even in doing that, she placed herself on the same level as that writer. there was another answer that i thought was dicky as well. so, i've decided she's annoying me, starting from now.

2. brendan fevola should get his hand out of his wife's arse crack. if it's true that they're separated, he shouldn't have his hands on her. not in that way anyway. even if they weren't separated, he shouldn't be touching her like that. it's so undignified and shows him to be the neanderthal that we all have come to know him as.

dude, a bit of respeck, please. and i admire her for not hitting him, she would have been steaming.

3. good to see some silver tops coming out of the woodwork. i've stopped dying my hair, and i've started cutting it as well myself. this saves me about $350 per 3 or 4 months. i'm lucky that my silver is a lovely white, not a witchy grey, but it's still a big step for a woman to 'let herself go' like that. after 20 years of dying (i started to go grey young, not as young as my mum - 21 for her!) i said enough. sick of regrowth - interestingly, i have none now, it looks like a fresh foil job), sick of the chemicals and worrying they'd give me tumorous lumps, sick of the labour. so it's great.

excellent work, comrade.

4. while i've let the old hair go au natural, it seems i have counterbalanced that with a newfound obsession with nail polish. three little letters, man. O P I. they have such gorgeous colours, they last well, go on well, and are only $20 per bottle, which means in my current attempts to be parsimonious means that it's a little treat which is a lot cheaper than a new anything else.

i've got two: a pale, pale white pink and a bright, bright, pink pink.

5. finally, on friday when it was simply too hot to do anything, i spent hours trawling through a blogger's archives. i went right back to the beginning and 'got to know' her. i still have a few months to go until i'm up to date. this isn't weird and stalky is it? she's someone who's been around for yonks, and i read her now, but wanted to go back in time. it's funny, but when i read her early stuff, it makes me think of my '80s diary posts - the boy angst etc - but her posts are only a very few years old. i am addicted to her words and will be sorry when i catch up.

6. again, today, we had iss-ews in the car park at the rear. we recently bought a new car and the fucker is too much of a tank to easily get out of the car park, so we've taken to parking on the streets. this has been going fine, until today when it was the pride march. so clokes couldn't find a park on the street - of course he couldn't. he drove it round the back to our off-street and spot and some fucking stupido girl had parked there. she was a friend of a resident, visiting here, and said resident doesn't have a car park out there but had obviously let her in to park.

here were the things that were said to us once we found out whose car it was and that we needed them to move:

"this is the first time i've ever done this, and i've been living here three years"

"it was only going to be for a short while"

"i've lived here three years"

"there was nowhere to park on the street - she was driving around for 30 minutes!"

listen to me: i don't fucking care. it's our spot, you saying it's the first time you've ever done that is about as mollifying to me as if your mangy rotty had just killed my toddler, and i had you standing there in front of me, crying saying "oh, but he's never done that before!"

i hate it when people use the old "oh, i've never done it before" as if that makes it ok.

it doesn't.

nowhere to park on the street - fuck off!

lived here three years? - FUCK OFF. i've been an owner for more than 12. so just fuck off with your three years.


on a happier note, because i can't leave it there, i am thrilled it's a bit cooler and happy because the place is tidy and clokes is out doing supermarket shopping. he is such a good boy.

and his beard is gone. i let it go, i let him shave. i could only be a tyrant on that matter for so long. he looks younger.


groverjones said...

A neighbour once backed over a friend's motorcycle and, after we found her guiltily picking it up and she told us 'there doesn't appear to be any damage,' except for the obvious broken mirror, fairing and handlebar which was plain to see, her excuse was 'Well it's not usually parked there!'

jo_blue said...

I think the heat may be taking it's toll on you. They look like different men to me, though in theory, anything is possible.

2. re: arse touching, I can't stand it when a man touches a woman like that in public. Shows complete disrespect, so even though I don't know who Brendan fevola is, I already don't like him.

3. I'm sure your hair looks fabulous.Is that Tim Finn? He still looks good.

5. Trawling a bloggers archives is definitely not stalky or weird. I've done it and it's like getting to know someone in fast forward. Now you can read the blog in context.

Lastly, good luck to Princess at secondary school tomorrow.


squib said...

3. I tried the whole grey thing (only wish I'd been clever enough to write a book about it) but it didn't work for me as in I'm 35 but it turns out my hair age is more 60

4. I'm very fond of Blue Steel by Chi Chi at the moment. In removing old coat yesterday I slightly ruined the toilet seat cover - gosh nail polish remover IS potent stuff

6. I once got into an argument with a neighbour about a car space that was mine. I called the police

BEVIS said...

Hahaha, you're hilarious with your answers to her reasons!

You go, M-Girl!