Monday, March 30, 2009

bliss tuesday

CORRECTION: bliss tuesday is to be postponed. they called me last night. i have to teach a bunch of primary schoolers pe today. that's not how to pee, it's Phys.Ed. stop laughing now.
hopefully bliss tuesday will become bliss wednesday. i'll let you know.
* * *
tomorrow this is what i'm going to do:
1. for breakfast, i shall have poached eggs and coffee.
2. i will take the gigi for a 1-hour walk. i might try and run a bit. might.
3. i will start reading the jungian books mum lent me, for research for my writing.
4. i will wash and pin my hair. i have a new "hair system." more details later. this is just a quick update.
5. i will write those two letters to the bookshops. or maybe just one, to the sybers books in chapel street. the other day penny wasn't there, it was another woman. which means they have staff.
6. i will take down the recycling if clokes doesn't do it tonight.
7. i will vaccuum.
8. i will re-do my nails.
9. i will write at least 1,000 words.
10. i will not blog.
11. I WILL NOT BLOG. and this means checking blogs, or writing on my blog.
12. you have been warned. then on wednesday i will report back. you have to be the person that i'm accountable to. you have to be tough, you have to be exacting, you have to be harsh. don't take any of my shit.
13. time for dinner now. tuna mornay, vegies and rice. mmm
14. iyi ak┼čamlar.


I'm not Craig said...

1. Good plan.

2. Please exercise extreme caution. I unexpectedly spent an hour or so playing beach cricket on Saturday, then went for a run on the beach yesterday, and now I am in a certain amount of entirely unwelcome pain.

4. You cannot annouce this and leave us hanging , FOR DAYS, without details.

10 & 11. But will you play guitar hero?

davy jones overlocker said...

I'm with INC. what is this new hair system with which you tease?

Melba said...

oh you guys. well, i wash my hair. then i put some kind of product in it. then i make pin curls, by making a circle curl at the end of the strip of hair, then winding (not around my finger but in a circle) right up to my scalp then i pin in place with a bobby pin. i kind of do it around the top part of my hair, and then i put rollers in the underneath bottom part. it looks terribly '40s and i'm terribly pleased with myself.

then that night i take them out (having worn it like that, except the rollers, i took those out when i went out but they weren't dry enough so they frizzed, leave in longer next time) so at bedtime i have springy curls which are a bit frightening. but the next morning, i brush them out to soft waves, and wow! then the third day, which was today, i brushed again in the morning, with a bit more product, like an anti-frizz shiny thing, and it settled into a nice wave thing again!

so three days' worth of good hair, and it's something different to all the ironed flat dos i'm so sick of seeing.

i'm really quite pleased with myself but also pissed off that i'm so old and i've finally discovered what to do with my hair.

there, you asked.

ladyb said...


Pepsi said...

picture please

davy jones overlocker said...

how did you go with Bliss Wednesday?

I like your hair system! Very Glamourous!

The Man at the Pub said...

Bliss Tuesday sounds great! I'd have one too, but unfortunately I have to go to work :o(

Melba said...

Hello all

Bliss Wednesday incorporated being a travel agent for my ex-husband (this always happens around this time of the year) but I did get writing done. More than 1,000.

The hair system fell down a little. I restarted it yesterday from scratch, washing, pinning, all went well, glam etc, undid at night, slept, woke up with medusa-like springs coming out of my head, and brushed but too much so they kind of went fuzzy. I seriously can't remember if I did brush on day 2. I know I said that I did, but I'm thinking maybe I brushed day 3. On day 2 I just kind of did a '40s half-up, half-down thing.

INC are you following all this?

No photos will be forthcoming, but if I can be bothered, or if there are enough "yes pleases" I'll link to the video of the girl who showed how to... Seriously special.

So I'm in Bliss Thursday as well now. No work today. Started with breakfast out, coffee with Year 5 mums, travel agenting (Princess heads back off up to Sydders tomorrow for a week) just took Gigi for a walk and a BRUSH, oh the fairy floss that's now being blown around Albert Park, HA. I need to vaccuum as well though and now I'm tired and can't be fucked.

And hello Man at the Pub, don't we know each other in a bloggy way from years back? I'm sure you were around when I was starting out...