Saturday, May 23, 2009

The house hunt continues

But now we are wondering whether we are able to buy.
Something like this, perhaps?
I've always wanted a castle.
And then you get inside...
See, it comes with fake children. Not creepy at all.
Making an appointment with the bank right now.


mizanthrop said...

My favourite colour is green. Absolute favourite.

But in this case I will make an exception.

groverjones said...

It was Ireland that we were in for a while, which is quite topical as this house straddles the Republican/Loyalist divide nicely with it's combination of orange and green, and the fortifications hark back to the heady days of the troubles. NOT a good enough reason to live in it.

We're back now, and what's more we just had a second Little Miss Grover on Thursday night. I've got to get better blog pseudonyms for these children!

Re. books and your post of long ago, I just read Breath and I think it's great. Having grown up in a small country town (albeit nowhere near the coast) Winton always manages to completely nail the characters and the country of rural Australia. Also, just picked up '2666' which I bought mainly on quantity rather than quality as it looked like we were in for a long and uneventful day of pre-labour. I was wrong on both counts, as it is an extremely good read so far, and I didn't end up having much time to read it as things happened quickly in the end. On the strength of the first 100 pages, I'd give it a go!

jo_blue said...

I like lime green, in dashes here and there, but not all over the walls of a house. There's just no accounting for taste is there? And all those flowers, I bet they were fake too.

Miz, nice to see you back online. I've missed you!

Esz said...

Holy Hell - MY EYES!!!!

its not the green that disturbs me so...its the furniture! Franco Cotzo anyone??

Esz said...

Sorry I spelt that wrong...I thin it's Cozzo or something isn't it?


I'm not Craig said...

I may have told you at some stage that I really like my house except it's just slightly too green.

Your blog has an uncanny knack for cheering me up instantly.

Have I mentioned that I live in a very nice suburb where land is cheap? Yes, I know I have.

Melba said...

Groverjones, congrats on another little one! Well done you and your partner. First Little Miss Grover must be overjoyed (or else making helpful comments like "let's just put her in the dustbin" - what I said to my mother after about a week of my brother being home with us.) I went to your blog to comment but it looks a bit quiet over there. I figure you'll come back here maybe.

And who's 2666 by? Haven't heard of it I don't think. Breath I actually quite enjoyed, despite it being very blokey and the women characters being pretty "meh."

Esz yes it's COZZO. Classico, I love it. Hi Miz, yes that green is too much. Strange house.

INC. I'm glad it cheers you up. We have to think of the travelling all schools are this way, plus friends. You'll learn more about the importance of being reasonably close to your kids' friends when they hit secondary school. Talk about social complexities! So I'm thinking Oakleigh or Highett (!!!). Argh. But Oakleigh has good food shopping in them there parts and yeah, well. They have nice old houses and prices are maybe not too mental yet.

squib said...

Oh! I love that doll thing on the bed. What a blast from the past. My nan had one like that. It sat on a toilet roll