Thursday, May 14, 2009

we may have a "situation"

"patrick", from the diaries, has just started following me on twitter. i don't use my twitter much but it's under my real name. of course, clokes and i are following each other. i don't have my melba blog linked to my twitter, but clokes does.

he doesn't blog anymore, i might ask him if he can pull it.

what do you think, oh small amount of readers who give a shit about this?

some might say there's a part of me that would like him to read it all, he used to read my diaries sometimes i think anyway. not sure. i remember coming home once, he'd moved to sydney, and he'd climbed in the window, was in my bed, reading my diary and asking casual questions about flirting i'd been doing with someone he knew.


that is all.

how fucking teenage.


Perseus said...

Oi! No spoilers!
We're only up to November 1983, and he's still a lovely man, if not a little moody.
I don't know what's in the diaries... suppose you can read ahead and decide if you want him to read them, and see whatever people like me write in response to his (now inevitable) transgressions. Like this: "He read your diaries? What an insecure and pathetic cunt!"

groverjones said...

If I was brave enough to post as much as you had about my early life on line, so people like myself and Perseus, who may be entirely unhinged, can read it, and if my Dad was reading my blog, then I wouldn't mind exes reading it too.

With the caveat that if he turns out to be a serial killer in the next diary episode and he's just come out of jail after serving his sentence, then I withdraw my first sentence.

Pepsi said...
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Perseus said...
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Perseus said...
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Perseus said...
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Pepsi said...

I'm listening to the new Wilco album - its got a cool cover.

Back to Melba.

Perseus said...
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Perseus said...

email me - perseusq at g mail dot com

Melba said...

Jeesuz you guys. I go out for an hour or two and there's nine comments.

Ok, I made Clokes cover his tracks (poor Clokes, why should he go scurrying around to help me? Because he's my hubby and he loves me, that's why!) so we should be ok

Pepsi, I don't think he read all of them. Just for the period he'd been away for.

Sorry Perseus if I spoiled the plot, but I didn't say much.

Grover - no he's no serial killer. And HI how are you? How's life overseas? Where was it? Somewhere in Great Britain from memory. How's Little Grover? You make me laugh about you and P being unhinged. It's ok. I know you guys.

Dad's apparently read some posts, and said "I can't see anything too offensive". He's worked out an alias for himself but can't seem to get a comment there. They've gone away though, so I don't think we'll see him for another month or two, if at all. He might just lurk, like he does at family functions. He's not a big talker, my dad.

And Perseus, I don't think Pepsi's talking about who you think... or maybe she is. But you almost spelled it out, the one you're thinking of.

You do know any time we talk about that here, it causes a ruction, don't you?

I think I feel a new diary post coming on, just for Perseus and Grover.

I'm not Craig said...

Damn, looks like I got here too late to say anything relevant and now the problem is solved.

I have to go back and read the last few diary posts. I think there's one I haven't read and I clearly missed a really major plot development.

Also, I have a book for you. Email me.