Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been a good week

Some snippets:

1. I want to sleep. A lot. I am wondering if I'm at the opposite end of the life spectrum to "teenager" and whether that once we pass some physical mid-point, we start going backwards, and do things that the other people at the same point on the other side do. This morning, for example, once the two children who were going to school were packed off out of the house, and the other one (day off, fucking teacher inservice or some rubbish, but anyway she's sick so it's for the best) was in her room, I went back to bed with the paper, so obligingly supplied by Clokes. I read that. Then I read some teenage fiction (I read what Princess reads, I trail behind her though because I also like to read my old-person shit). Then I closed my eyes. When I woke up it was 1/4 to 12. NOON people.

I've heard it said that this is a sign of depression. I think it's just a sign of tiredness and my body needs rest. In the old days, ladies took to their beds with the vapours. These are my vapours.

2. I started a new job last Thursday. It's teaching but it's SEX ED teaching. Oh my. I think this is going to be the best job I've ever had. Not that I'm a sex freak but it's just so danged interesting, presenting these programs to kids. And the other people I'm working with are all really cool women, no shrinking violets there. It's ace. So far. I'm not going to blog much about the job. But just to let you know I've stopped the CRT work and have two days a week regular. Nice one.

3. Walking the dog I was thinking about Bad Boys. As a sideline to this, I am convinced the reason Robert Pattinson is so damn attractive is his sideburns. And his hair. Obviously, he's a fucking spunk in the face, but the hair and sideys really make him extra spunky.

Anyway, Bad Boys. They will just break your heart each and every time. The Good Girl wants to fix him, so that she is the one he changes for. This is the biggest fantasy in the world, and never happens. Unless you wait until he is 50 or 60. Then maybe.

4. Squib sent me a wonderful badge and two gorgeous hair bobbin thingos. They are great. So thanks squib. You've made my day.

5. It's a beautiful day (oooops, sun just went behind the clouds. OH NO!) It's mild and sunny [waits] and the idea of winter coming to an end is pleasing. I have felt the cold this year and it seems to have dragged on. It's the worst thing about this city. Last few years I've wondered if the winters were getting milder. Well this winter and the last one have stuffed my theory.

6. Tonight for dinner we are going to have a big-fuck tuna salad. Mmmmmmmm.

7. Last night I went out to an obligato school mums dinner. Twenty women screeching and clucking and cackling and talking and drinking double wines. It was at a horrible place, think Tabaret, and while I chatted to a couple of newish people, all I really wanted to do was be back at home, in bed with my hot-water bottle and book. One of the women was suggesting a trip away to a Qld Island - a group trip for 5 nights. HOW WONDERFUL WOULD THAT BE??? she shrieked in my ear. I smiled politely. I was thinking how I would hate it. This dinner, stretched over 5 or 6 days.


8. My meal was crap. I ordered nasi goreng with seafood. Big mistake. The seafood was horrible - apart from the calamari. Oddly, that was delicious. The rice and vegies inside were good, the mussels disgusting. Even though I don't like mussels I thought I'd eat a few. Horrible, not fresh, wrong.

9. Tomorrow I think we are going to look at some houses. Daughter #1 is sick, has been all week, and even before that. It's turned into a post-viral asthma which is worrying. But we'll try and get out tomorrow to see some fuck-off expensive houses. We have to get out of this flat though. Anyone with a house wanting to trade lives? It'll be 2 years in December since we've been here and it's wearing a little thin.

10. Princess (daughter # 2) went off to school this morning. They were having a cultural diversity day. It'll be interesting to hear what they did; whether it was just a superficial treatment or something a little more real. She wore a red top of mine and tied a white ribbon in her hair to symbolise the colours in the Turkish flag. She wore a little Australian flag pin on the hem of her top, and also a Turkish crescent moon on red background charm around her neck. She's proud of her heritage, which is so good. I have gently tried to flag with her the possibility that she might come across some negative vibes to do with Muslims. She knows that suicide bombers and terrorists are usually described as Muslim, but I don't think she knows about the attitudes that are around re the Armenian genocide and particular, people's feelings generally about Turks.

And finally, number 11 is the little snippet in the paper yesterday about Tony Abbott's daughter calling him a "lame, gay, churchy loser." It tickled my fancy alot.

Anyway, enough of that my lovelies.

Diaries this weekend. Just a teaser: the Pat saga is not over. Oh, not by a long-shot.

UPDATE - more evidence of the vapours. I've decided not to go to the supermarket. I just want to stay here and do my toe-nails a bright red to match my finger-nails. Then I might do some writing. I've started making chicken stock, the sun is out again, and I JUST DON'T WANT TO GO OUT. I LIKE IT HERE.

But I must move the car from the clearway. Ok, doing that now. With my badge on.


I'm not Craig said...

Sleeping during the day. I have come to understand the attraction now that sleep at night is so rare. Sadly, I hardly ever achieve this.

I see your obligato school mums dinner and raise you tomorrow night's kinder fund raising trivia night. I dread.

I would invite you (and your present would improve the night beyond measure) but you're a friend and I just can't bring myself to do this to you.

At least it's within walking distance from my house so that whole .05 thing won't be an issue.

Awesome that you had a good week. Let's do a picnic as soon as the weather is in a better mood.

suze2000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suze2000 said...

Maybe I've gotten used to it, but I have found this winter quite mild. Mind you, we were sick for two weeks which had the heating cranked up close to 30C so as to make sure neither of us got secondary pneumonia. Might have something to do with my perception of warmth. :P

Perhaps I can also say that Liberty Fine Merino Wool thermal underwear has changed my life in this city. It's just an extra little layer, but it makes all the difference.

My dermatologist told me not to wear wool because the fibres are irritating, but F-that. I need my thermals dammit!

Good luck with the house-hunting. I agree, you've been there too long.

I went to Turkey in 1997. While there, I read that 95% of Turkish women are beaten within the first week of marriage. Really screwed with my interactions with the Turkish men that you have to deal with all the time as a tourist. I think I had two convos with real Turkish women and they were all sign language with them asking why I was not at home with my kids!! (I have none, still) I loved travelling there, but I think I might not enjoy it now as it's such a backpacker destination, I doubt much would be up to what I want from a holiday nowadays. I'm getting old, I want a private bathroom, a toilet that flushes reliably, and not to be dropped off at 3am at the waterfront at Fethiye. :P

I think the sleeping is simply a winter malaise. A little time in the sun should blow out the cobwebs and make you more willing to leave the house in future. Mind you, I prefer life indoors where it's warm and quiet, so I can't really talk, haha.

Melba said...

Hey INC great to see you. Yes, picnic we shall. And thanks for thinking of me for fundraiser, and thanks for not inviting me. I've had enough hell for this week.

I've never been a big-group person really. And less so as I get older. It can be fun, but mostly it is a Trial. I think a true introvert is one who not only refuses to rely on others for their life, but actively resists or rejects.

And who deleted their comment at 11.20?

Melba said...

Hey Suze. Interesting statistic. That would be in Turkey? I wouldn't be surprised though it would be more about showing who was boss and trying to get things off on the "right track" (for the male) rather than an actual transgression (not that any transgression would excuse it.) I heard terrible things while I was there, and luckily never suffered myself too much in that way.

Also re Turkish women, there are variations as with any country. Conservative, traditional, and then not so. One family I knew, the mother (who covered) was the business head of the family (even though she had a husband) and would stroll the streets of Istanbul with other male business associates. They would walk along, hand behind backs, talking. It was a sight you never saw. Her daughter wore the tightest jeans you've ever seen, the tightest t-shirts, she had the most amazing sexy body, yet no one bothered her cause they all knew her family and the family was rich and powerful. So nobody dared approach her. She could do what she liked, wear what she liked, talk to who she liked and go where she liked.

eat my shorts said...

I've heard it said that this is a sign of depression. I think it's just a sign of tiredness and my body needs rest. In the old days, ladies took to their beds with the vapours. These are my vapours.

I'm with you Melba. It's way teh vapours. I've got the vapours something chronic at the moment. I've got them so bad I gave up my secure, full-time job to move to the other end of the state and work maybe once or twice a month. During the rest of the time I'm either going out with friends (harking back to my uni days, although I'm yet to spew in public ... again) or sleeping. I'm hella tired. I'm blaming it on being *this* close to thirty and still single.

#2 Teaching Sex Ed? You're a far braver woman than I. Fuck. I just couldn't be bothered. Maybe that's just because I've discovered there are better things to do than teach teenagers. But, having said that, the one thing I've appreciated about recently teaching at Catholic schools is that Sex Ed is left to either the Phys Ed teachers or the Religious Education teachers, of which I'm neither. Gah. Ew.

#3. Robert Pattinson freaking wishes he was a bad boy. He's a fucking lightweight.

#6. I think I could get behind the idea of a big-fuck tuna salad. Feel free to share the recipe so I can in the near future.

#7. I dunno. Is someone else paying for the wine?

A school friend of mine went to Turkey on a student exchange when we were in Year 11 or 12. It seemd a bit random at the time, most of our exchanges were from the US/Canada and hardly anyone I know actually went on exchange (if they did they went to the US). She freaking loved it and came back saying how great it was in Turkey. Ever since then, I've always wanted to go.

suze2000 said...

'Twas I deleted my comment. I accidentally published it while I was still writing stuff.

Melba said...

You're right EMS. It was wrong of me to put RPat in that paragraph. It makes it look like I'm implying he's a Bad Boy. He's not. I should have given him his own numbered point to talk about his hair and sideburns. Sloppy writing.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Congrats on the new job - sounds like a ripper.

I took to my bed last winter and over 12 months later find I barely leave it other than work and the odd social outing. Cats and a laptop are very attractive destressing options all wrapped in an eco-friendly "this way I don't turn the heating on" kind of way.

I think I love my hot water bottle more than my partner :)

Melba said...

Me too, AOF. My Bluey is bedded down between my arms, clasped to my chest. He moves from the bottom of the bed under my feet, to up under my arse, to between my legs when I turn on my side (reading all the time) to being hugged when I turn off the light to sleep.

Clokes doesn't get that much skin each night.

squib said...

1. I'm a big fan of siesta time, even 20 mins will recharge me

2. I think they spend too much time on sex ed. I think all that needs to be explained is safe sex. Jesus, there is WAY too much detail these days. They should be learning something more useful like Latin

3. I agree

4. You're very welcome

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