Friday, August 21, 2009

Many distractions today

Today it is so windy, unbelievable. We've had a bit of wind in Old Melbourne Town recently, but today takes the cake.
Which leads me to my next distraction. Cake. Yesterday in my new job I saw the same video twice and there was a scene with cake in it. It looked like a really nice cake, and people were eating it. Then, on the Sopranos last night, they had birthday cake.
So it got me thinking about cake.
The other distraction is a website (in addition to blogs, twitter and the newspaper).
It's called This is Why You're Fat and I only got up to page 14, looking at all the food.
This is a place where dishes like this
look NORMAL.
It's a place where bacon is the leading ingredient in many of the recipes, followed a close second by Spam.
It's a place where dreams of eating something called The Fat Bitch [cheese steak topped with 2 sticks mozzarella, French fries, bacon, tomatoes, ketchup, mayo and marinara sauce] can be seen to be reality for some.
You can find toasted ravioli, bacon tempura and The Pink Panther - a brioche (sweet) bun filled with Fairy Floss.
I even saw reference to zillion island sauce.
But this takes my gold medal for best lookin' dish. The Rubix Cubewich.
Other distractions today. I've been hearing mention of something called True Blood. I have decided to look it up and find out about it. Seems it's a show also books. I saw the trailer for Season One and it looks interesting. The Sopranos are getting a little yawn for me.
Happy weekend everyone. May you stay out of the wind and away from underneath trees, especially gums.


elaine said...

1. True Blood is GREAT. I am, tragically, hanging out all week to download each new episode as the second series airs. THREE MORE.

The books, by Charlaine Harris, I have heard are good but haven't read. I don't want to spoil the show. But the other True Blood addicts on my knitting forum think there's enough difference between them.


there is this

*fans self*

2. cake cake cake!

3. toasted ravioli could be good.

eat my shorts said...

I'm going to be making cake this weekend.

Melba said...

Is that a penis or testicle I see in that bath shot, Miss Elaine?

I will be looking up True Blood, I keep hearing about it, and want to watch. Now.

I went to the supermarket to get one of those cheap sponges that I thought would suffice and the kids would love it.

Didn't have.

What they did have were sponges, so I got a pair of those, some cream, I will make icing and make a jam, cream, iced sponge. Of course I got ice cream to go with, because sponge cake without ice cream can be so... unsatisfying.

What cake are you making EMS?

Oh and toasted ravioli would be nice in a gyoza'ish way, except these ones looked like they were crumbed and deep fried.

magical_m said...

OK, so I can recognise the two different types of cheese, some pepperoni, possibly corned beef and ham/spam in the rubix cubewich, but what is the beige stuff with the stripe in the top left hand corner and middle right hand side?

I'm not sure I really want to know, but my curiosity is piqued.

I am prepared to be grossed out by the answer.

Melba said...

Hello M_M

I do believe that is pancetta, the ingredient to which you refer.

Nothing too gross, if you don't mind your solid animal fat layer being way thicker than your actual meat layer.

jo_blue said...

Food desecration, that's what this site is. I got to page 15 before my head started to spin and I started to feel sick. I don't know how they can do that to food - was it food? I don't think so. I don't think I'll ever eat a cheeseburger (or cheese, did you see the amount of cheese) again. I'm going to lie down and eat some fruit later. Mmmmm, fresh pomelo.


magical_m said...

pancetta! ahhhh. that's nowhere near as bad as i expected...

eat my shorts said...

What cake are you making EMS?

I made chocolate cake (with a slurp of Tia Maria - a tip from my mum), chocolate icing, covered in M&Ms.

It freaking rocked.

What's more, I discovered that if you zap it in the microwave for a few seconds, the icing melts and the M&Ms fall onto the plate into chocolate icing goo. Which is fabulous, of course.