Sunday, December 13, 2009

"So Mr Kotter, we got the house" [read in Arnold Horshack voice.]

We haven't bought oh no, not at all. We have withdrawn from the ratrace of people scrambling over the tops of each other to buy a piece of real estate in probably what is the most over-inflated environment evah.

We applied to rent a place and we got accepted. The real estate agent was all "Oh you are very lucky, this was a very popular house" and I was all like "Really? I have never been knocked back on a house application. NEVER!"

It's true.

And we had the dog on the application too, so no more of those witchy terrors of a few years ago. So there won't be any angst posts about Gigi being discovered.

We move next Saturday. I am out every night this week, so as well as packing it is going to really be Hell Week.

Wish me luck. I need it.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Great news, hope the move goes well. Nothing like an excuse to do a bit of decluttering :)

suze2000 said...

Congrats on getting the house!

Boo to moving, but I really hope it goes smoothly for you.

magical_m said...

Yay - go you!! Same area?

Melba said...

Hey m_m. Yep same area just east a little... Less drunks and weekenders and more diversity, it's a great spot.

Thanks Suze and AOF. Yes moving is sheer hell and horrible and all those bad things, but:

"This too shall pass."